ANTIBODY - Throw The Switch

The "enfant terrible" of the modern power noise scene is finally back with the first single of his upcoming album "Never Quite Right"!

Throw the Switch" by ANTIBODY is a thunderous onslaught of electro-industrial power. This track encapsulates the essence of raw energy and relentless rhythm, pulling you into a vortex of pulsating beats and distorted beats. Join us on a journey through the darkest corners of electronic music as ANTIBODY unleashes their sonic fury. Brace yourself for a dark rave like no other.

We also just started the preorder of the very limited collector bundle and of the digipac CD of his upcoming album right now and exclusively on darkMerch.

LISTEN to the single and PREORDER the album HERE 👉

AGNIS - Antipriest

AGNIS is back with a new single and video called "Antipriest"! Get ready for a danceable fusion of industrial rave, darkwave, and synthpop that'll make you question your holy dance moves 🎶

AGNIS is your musical confessor, urging you to let loose and lose control like never before! Don't miss the divine madness and join her on this unholy groove as she invites you to shed your inhibitions, leaving your head behind and embracing your darker side on the dance floor 😈

STREAM and DOWNLOAD now on 👉


Prepare to embark on a soul-stirring journey with CIRCUIT PREACHER's latest single "Down Here."

In the sacred realm of industrial EBM, this divine composition resonates like a sermon from the altar of SKINNY PUPPY, infused with the profound wisdom of a NINE INCH NAILS hymn, and blessed with a nu metal chorus that reverberates like a choir of the faithful.

"Down Here" is more than music; it's a revelation, a testament to the eternal struggle against the abyss of depression. It beckons you to descend into the depths, where time stands still, but it offers a guiding light, reminding you that you are not alone.

As the lyrics weave a tapestry of anguish and redemption, CIRCUIT PREACHER's heartfelt message emerges: By sharing their own journey through the darkest of pits, they offer a lifeline to those who seek salvation from their own despair.

Join the congregation of CIRCUIT PREACHER on this sacred journey through the shadows. Let the ethereal melodies and profound lyrics of "Down Here" wash over you, and may it serve as a testament to the enduring power of hope.

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EXTIZE x OMNIMAR - Save Me Tonight

Embark on a futurepop trip with EXTIZE featuring OMNIMAR in their mesmerizing single "Save Me Tonight". The haunting fusion of Maria Mar's ethereal vocals and Rapha Hell's profound resonance unveils a dystopian tale, where the last human's plea echoes in the cosmic void. Let the celestial sounds from outer space set you free as chaos crumbles, and the profound melodies of this darkpop-meets-industrial creation resonate within your soul.

"Save Me Tonight" is not just a song; it's a poetic odyssey into a world where music transcends boundaries, forging a profound connection between unique musical realms!



Dear darklings, we are super excited to announce that BALDUVIAN BEARS joined the darkTunes label family! WELCOME 💜

Hidden between the majestic mountains of Salt Lake City in Utah, the enigmatic tale of BALDUVIAN BEARS unfolds. A roar from the soul pierces the wilderness, an irresistible summons for listeners to enter a world where emotions, mystery, nostalgia and melodies converge.

Hailing from the new generation of post-punk and darkwave lovers, BALDUVIAN BEARS influences are echoing the iconic sound of JOY DIVISION, THE CURE, MAREUX, SHE WANTS REVENGE and NEW ORDER, infusing a contemporary spirit into the genre's timeless essence. Represented by a man hidden behind a bear mask, this enigmatic figure is none other than the artist and producer, Zachary Anderson. The bear as an icon represents more than just a whimsical choice, it’s the manifestation of Zach’s shadow, the embodiment of the silent roar that whispers in the deepest recesses of his mind.

Within the lyrics of BALDUVIAN BEARS' compositions, one discovers the somber themes that echo the depths of the human experience. It's a journey with the ghosts of mental health struggles, heartbreak, addiction, introspection, highs and lows of life. His music resonates with the deepest wellsprings of the soul, awakening dormant emotions and invoking reflection on life's profound questions.

As you enter the realm of BALDUVIAN BEARS, prepare to immerse yourself in a world suffused with human emotions, where melodies engage in a direct dialogue with your soul. It's an invitation to dance alongside the bears, exploring the depths of your nostalgia while experiencing the beauty of modern post-punk and darkwave music.

🐻 Please listen to his first EP "hibernation" now on

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