OMNIMAR - Wishing for Life


OMNIMAR are back with the 2nd single & video "Wishing for Life" of the upcoming album DARKPOP which will be released next month on February 12th. Enjoy this wonderful hymn!

🦋OMNIMAR - DARKPOP (release on February 12th. 2021)

When dark elegance meets mysticism and numbs all your senses, you can be sure that OMNIMAR created something special again! The new album 'DARKPOP' combines beauty and chaos in a very unique way. The incredible Russian duo ,Maria and Alex, send us on a journey through passion, mystery and desire. Once again they play with heavy contrasts and enchant our minds with their extraordinary music! After the successful release of their singles 'The Road', 'You & I’, 'Humans' and ‘Red’, they are now announcing their new album with 13 tracks in which Dark Pop and Storytelling become one. It doesn't matter if you enjoy songs that remind you of old Grimm fairy tales or like to dive into electric and sensual worlds, OMNIMAR's versatility covers all of it! Because of that they are clearly setting a big milestone in the highly praised genre of 'Dark Pop'!

The song 'Oxygen' embraces the feeling of longing for someone to share our pain with in a world full of disorder, whereas listening to 'Red' drags us through passion and fire. It's worth remarking the sincerity with which they talk about the importance of music in their song 'Music is my everything', comparing it to a drug and cure at the same time. A rollercoaster of thoughts and emotions, engulfed by rhythmic beats and supernatural melodies in an exceptionally poetic way. The beautiful but gloomy cover puts the theme of the album into perspective. This wonderful dark 'Pop-Synth-ony' is not only gonna be available on all streaming platforms, but will also be sold as an exclusive and limited digipak and collector's box. Prepare yourself for a melancholically emotional world that is awaiting you on February the 12th 2021!

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AGNIS - I am the Light

Once upon a space and time there lived a creature of darkness and bright…

AGNIS – a Nordic translation of the Polish name Agnieszka that means “pure”, “agnis” in Latin means “to share” and Agni is a name of the Indian God of Fire, so “sharing pure fire” is her desire…

Dear witches and creature of the night, we are more than happy to present you the debut single & video "I am the Light" of our mystical DarkPop priestess AGNIS. This single also includes a great MASSIV IN MENSCH remix. Let's start the magic journey now 👉



"I'm locked up in a cage, Looking for this feeling, The only way out, Dig dig deep down..."

Ladies & gentlemen, we're more than happy to announce the release of the new Dust In Mind single "Break" on January 22nd. Be ready for this banger track full of emotions!

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BREED MACHINE - Dansez sur ma tombe


New single OUT NOW!

Our hardcore metalheads BREED MACHINE from France just released their new single DANSEZ SUR MA TOMBE. Enjoy and get ready to bang your head hard!

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THIRD REALM - Corpse Bride


Dear creatures of the night, the new THIRD REALM single & video will bring you in a wonderful world of darkness with its Tim Burton touch! "Corpse Bride" is a very special song which will show you the wide range of THIRD REALM's world. This song unleashes a new side of the band, more electric and more punky than ever before!

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