Castle Party Festival

Dear friends, we are proud to present you the beautiful faces of the Castle Party Festival 2024! 🙏 Big up to the Castle Party crew for making this wonderful festival and to you, lovely darklings from all over the world for making this festival so special ⭐

🔥 Enjoy our video which as been recorded and edited by VISIONATHOR with the music of some of the bands of our label darkTunes.

See you next year 👉


Immerse yourself in the allure of VIOFLESH’s new single "Always" and let it become the soundtrack to your deepest, most passionate nights. This track is drenched in atmospheric sounds and powerful bass lines, showcasing Vio's hauntingly beautiful vocals as she sings of eternal love and heartfelt emotion.

"Always" is a lyrical journey through love's deepest emotions, capturing the essence of a sunset shared with someone who moves with love and truth. The song's chorus echoes the sentiment of an everlasting crush, a compass in the night, bringing warmth and life to the heart. VIOFLESH creates a soundscape that is both dark and enchanting, inviting listeners to lose themselves in its emotive embrace. Let "Always" be your anthem for those moments when love feels infinite and unbreakable.

Enjoy this new song now available as DOWNLOAD and STREAM 👉


Embark on a soul-searching journey with BALDUVIAN BEARS' upcoming single, "Où est la rédemption?" In this haunting modern post-punk track, we confront the depths of despair and longing, exploring the eternal question of redemption.

As the music unfolds, immerse yourself in the raw emotion and introspective lyrics that define the essence of BALDUVIAN BEARS. "Où est la rédemption?" is a poignant reflection on the search for meaning and solace in the face of darkness.

With each haunting melody, feel the weight of the protagonist's struggle to find redemption in a world consumed by pain and uncertainty. Yet, amidst the darkness, there is a glimmer of hope and resilience, as they confront their inner turmoil head-on.

Enjoy this new song now available as DOWNLOAD and STREAM 👉


Witness the apocalypse with NEUROKLAST's latest single "Ruina".

The trailblazing electro-industrial duo from Germany, known for their immersive soundscapes and dystopian narratives, takes you on a dark journey through the end of the world. This industrial rave anthem combines elements of dark electro, EBM, and cyberpunk, enveloping you in a cataclysmic vision of the future. Prepare for intense beats that depict the unraveling of existence.

Many empires were built on ruins—this is the start of a new NEUROKLAST era 👉

CATTAC - Scared Love

Experience the intense push and pull of "Scared Love" the latest single from the modern darkwave duo CATTAC that delves deep into the complexities of a tumultuous relationship.

This track captures the paradox of passion—where love intensifies, so too does the potential for loss. With a blend of haunting melodies and poignant lyrics, "Scared Love" explores the raw, vulnerable intersections of desire and despair. It's a must-hear for anyone who's ever felt too deeply and feared the consequences.

Embrace the emotional whirlwind of "Scared Love" 👉

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