One, two, three and four Freddy's at your front door...

Building on the monstrous success of EXTIZE's horror and sci-fi tribute album « MonStars », this EP throws you deeper into the nightmarish world of Freddy Krueger. Featuring a gripping new club mix of "Dirty Freddy" this release is designed to keep the nightmare alive… The EP also includes a raw, powerful industrial metal cover by the French band SKAHINALL, adding a heavy new dimension to the beloved track, such as the original track and the banger remix of ZARDONIC! Follow your dreams and let "Dirty Freddy" stalk your playlist.

STREAM & DOWNLOAD now on 👉 https://bfan.link/dirtyfreddyEP

PS: EXTIZE are doing a "MonStars Festivals Tour" so don't miss their next shows at the M'ERA LUNA, CASTLE PARTY FESTIVAL and at the EUROPEAN DARK DANCE TREFFEN.

BASSCALATE - Demons Call

The depths of darkness are near: Let's summon the demons of Nu EBM!

Prepare to descend into the abyss with BASSCALATE's spine-chilling new single, "Demons Call"! This gripping track plunges you into a world where unholy voices and flickering candles ignite a sinister atmosphere, driving the beats that compel you to dance through the shadows.

"Demons Call" isn't just another nu EBM masterpiece—it's an infernal symphony that explores the terror of demonic possession and the battle for one's soul. As the lyrics evoke the creeping presence of shadows and the ominous call of demons, the powerful rhythm grips you, creating an irresistible urge to move.

In a realm where nightfall heralds the rise of malevolent forces, the message is clear: when demons seek control, only the strongest will save their souls. The relentless beats and eerie melodies of "Demons Call" will keep your heart pounding and your feet moving, making it a must-listen for those who dare to dance with darkness.

Don't miss out on BASSCALATE's latest journey into the abyss. Embrace the evil, confront the demons, and lose yourself in the hellish rhythms of "Demons Call" today!

OUT NOW as DOWNLOAD and STREAM 👉 https://bfan.link/demonscall

OCTO CRURA - Shinobi 1987

Step into the pixelated realm of "Shinobi 1987," the latest single & video from OCTO CRURA, the double female-fronted modern metal combo. Drawing inspiration from retro gaming and 80s nostalgia, this track is a high-octane journey through feudal Japan like you've never experienced before.

As you insert your name and select your map, prepare to face a gauntlet of challenges and traps laid out by the formidable Oboro Clan. Armed with numchakos, swords, and shurikens, you'll navigate through the intricacies of each level, all while keeping one eye on the masked man lurking in the shadows.

But fear not, for OCTO CRURA's powerful metal and soaring vocals will guide you through every twist and turn of this adrenaline-fueled adventure. With each swipe and jump, you'll feel the rush of nostalgia wash over you as you immerse yourself in the retro gaming experience!

OUT NOW as DOWNLOAD and STREAM 👉 https://bfan.link/shinobi1987


BALDUVIAN BEARS is back with a haunting echo of caution in the storm. As the sirens blast their warning through the rain, the lyrics of this darkwave and post-punk hymn resonate with the struggle against inner demons and the journey towards self-preservation. With each note, immerse yourself in the emotive depths of "distant warning" where the echoes of resilience and introspection ring loud and clear.

Join us on this soul-stirring voyage through the darkness, where the beauty of the human spirit shines brightest in the face of adversity.

Enjoy this new song now available as DOWNLOAD and STREAM 👉 https://bfan.link/distantwarning


We are super excited to announce that Kami no Ikari is joining the darkTunes Music Group family 🍾

🤘 KAMI NO IKARI is a melodic deathcore band based in Paris (France), founded in 2020 and touring since 2021. Their universe is heavily influenced by Japanese culture: the aesthetic, the use of koto, the name of the band (meaning “The Wrath of the Gods”), and part of the lyrics. Their point of view is that of a devilish divine being looking down on humans to judge their sins from high above, and consequently unleashing its wrath on them.

💥 KAMI NO IKARI's debut album "See You In Hell," as well as their new single and video "The Forgotten," will be released very soon, so we strongly invite you to follow this awesome band everywhere! 👉 https://www.linktr.ee/kaminoikari

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