Immerse yourself in CIRCUIT PREACHER latest revelation called « Entity. » Unravel the enigmatic narrative of The Last Church of the Final Days as the elusive CIRCUIT PREACHER guides you through the shadows of a dystopian future, all set against the backdrop of the year 2222.

"Entity" takes you deeper into the labyrinthine landscapes of thought and existence. It is is more than a song; it's a sacred odyssey that carries your spirit through the boundless corridors of thought. The divine industrial and EBM orchestration of CIRCUIT PREACHER blends with the lyrical scripture to create a celestial symphony which will guide the lost souls out of the dark depths of the underground.



Eerie sounds, passionate rhythms, and a journey through the shadowy realms of music await you on the first physical compilation from darkTunes Music Group!

Immerse yourself in the dark, captivating atmosphere of darkTunes, the fastest-growing Gothic, Metal, and Alternative music label from Heidelberg, Germany, founded in 2013. With an impressive roster of around 50 talented bands under contract, darkTunes has carved out a strong name for itself in the scene.

This exclusive 2-CD digipack compilation is an audiovisual journey that will transport you into two fascinating sonic worlds. On the first CD, electronic soundscapes await you, captivating you with hypnotic beats and synthetic textures. Here, you'll find innovative artists and impressive sound designs that represent the future of electronic music. From Darkwave, Industrial, Darkpop, Electropop, Dark Electro, to EBM, there's something for everyone.

On the other hand, the second CD is for those who love the smoky sound of guitars and the raw energy of Metal and Alternative music. With powerful riffs, intense growls, and clean vocals, these bands offer unforgettable headbanging anthems. In total, 37 bands are featured on these two CDs, each with their own stories to tell, worlds to create, and emotions to convey (click HERE to see the tracklist). This compilation pays homage to the diversity and creative power that darkTunes Music Group has to offer.

Embark on a journey through the dark and captivating sounds of darkTunes Music Group that will enchant you. Dive into the world of music that illuminates the darkness and awakens the senses. Get your 2-CD digipack compilation now and experience the future of the Gothic, Metal, and Alternative music scene!


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Get ready to dive into a captivating world of electrifying sound with YUZNA's new album "All Your Love Ain't Worth A Penny"! This cheeky Electropop Punk band from Italy has truly outdone themselves with this new release. With seven dynamic tracks, YUZNA delivers a fusion of punk rock and electronic beats that will leave you dancing and singing along. The album is a rollercoaster drive, between emotional depth and powerful songs that explores themes of love, loss and addiction. YUZNA's new mini album "All Your Love Ain't Worth A Penny" is an unmissable addition to any music lover's collection. So get ready to be swept away by the electrifying sound of YUZNA and let the music take you on a wild ride.



Delve into the depths of desire and secrecy as DANCE MY DARLING’s new single "Criminal" explores the intricate web of emotions that bind us. The song's poetic narrative paints a vivid picture of passion, entwined with the darker threads of guilt and longing.

This darkwave hit resonates with a poignant elegance as haunting lyrics entwine with melodies that evoke a sense of otherworldly nostalgia. With each note, you'll find yourself drawn deeper into the enigmatic atmosphere the band effortlessly crafts.

"Criminal" is more than just a song—it's an experience, a journey into the heart of human complexities. Allow yourself to be entranced by the delicate harmonies and emotional resonance that DANCE MY DARLING expertly conjures.

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FREAKY MIND are back with a powerful multi-genre release. The "Get Undressed EP" contains futurepop, synthwave, synthpop, industrial rock and even post rock!

The “dark” scene has not seen such experiments for a long time! In addition to cool remixes from Mental Discipline, mnstrgry, Mutator Prime, Luminis Insigne and iskin, the release will delight listeners with a new track Scorn, as well as a metal version of Dependence and an acoustic version of We Bury Our Hate.

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PS: A lot of love goes to the family and friends of Svetlana Kovalenko who shot the cover photos on the singles and the EP and who past away...

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