Get ready to rock out with the rising NDH band MORGENSTERN and their new single "Para Bellum". With an ironic twist on the lyrics, the band takes a stand against war and violence. The track speaks to the world's leaders and their obsession with power and greed.

Through powerful and thought-provoking lyrics, MORGENSTERN encourages listeners to think about the consequences of their actions and to strive for peace and unity instead. The hard-hitting beats and electrifying vocals will leave you energized and empowered to make a change.

If you're a fan of the teutonic Sound of RAMMSTEIN, MAERZFELD or EISBRECHER, you're going to love this song: Morgenstern are the newly found bloodbrothers of NDH and Industrial! Get ready to join the revolution with "Para Bellum".



After their smashing debut live shows supporting VNV NATION and a thrilling performance at the RESISTANZ FESTIVAL, BLACKBOOK is back with a brand new electrifying single called "No Way Out." This synthpop hymn is an anthem for anyone who feels trapped in a living hell, surrounded by people pretending to be doing well.

With lyrics that cut deep, "No Way Out" speaks to the daily dose of madness and shock that we all face in life. It's a powerful reminder that sometimes the only way out is to cancel your subscription to the anger and hate that surrounds you.

BLACKBOOK's signature sound is on full display in "No Way Out", this track is a perfect showcase of the band's knack for combining catchy pop hooks with darker, more brooding themes. So don't miss out on "No Way Out" – this single is guaranteed to get you dancing while also speaking to the struggles we all face in life!



Hey Darklings! The darkwave duo DANCE MY DARLING is back with a sensual new single and video titled "Gang Bang" and it's an absolute must-listen..

But that's not all! We're thrilled to announce that DANCE MY DARLING is currently embarking on their Europe tour! Also, mark your calendars and make sure to catch DANCE MY DARLING live at the Wave-Gotik-Treffen, where their darkwave magic will be unleashed upon an adoring crowd. Trust us, this is an experience you don't want to miss!

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CATTAC - Deliverance

Welcome to the dark and mysterious world of CATTAC, where the music is as powerful as a fierce feline's roar. With their fourth album "Deliverance", the German darkwave, EBM and industrial duo delivers a hauntingly beautiful soundscape that will captivate you like a cat to a ball of yarn. The brooding beats and haunting melodies will leave you mesmerized, while the powerful deep vocals will send shivers down your spine. "Deliverance" is a journey through the shadows, a musical exploration of the darkness that lurks within us all. It's an album that will make you feel alive, while at the same time reminding you of the fragility of life.

So if you're looking for music that will make your heart race and your soul stir, look no further than CATTAC and their fourth album "Deliverance". Don't miss out on this stunning gothic music jewel.

Stream & download "Deliverance" now on

PS: CATTAC will be live at the WAVE-GOTIK-TREFFEN (Germany) and at the CASTLE PARTY (Poland) this year!



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The darkest compilation is entering the next round! Once again, the darkness is about to crawl into your speakers, bringing the beauty of dark music of all genres directly to your ears! GOTHIC MUSIC ORGY Vol. 8, that means a fine selection of 66 Tracks of everything that the world of gothic music has to offer: 5 hours of harsh electronic beats, awesome dark rock riffs or melancholy Darkpop, the compilation is packed with the whole repertoire!

🔥Turn the volume up and enjoy the darkest songs of the following bands:

Aevum + AGNIS + Amore Ad Lunam + Antibody + Apnoie + Ashen Decay + ASHES'N'ANDROID + BASSCALATE + BASSZILLA + Binary Division + BLACKBOOK + C Z A R I N A + CattaC + Cernunnos + CHENT + Cima Muta + Circuit Preacher + CØLDSTAR + Damaged Reality + Dance my Darling + Dead Lights + Deliverance MX + DEVIL69 + Disorder Faith + DJversion666 + Dunkelsucht + Dust In Mind + EXTIZE + Flores de Tchernobyl + Fourth Circle + Fragments + Frau Fleischer + Freak Injection + Freaky Mind + HER DESPAIR + HER OWN WORLD + Hidden House + Inline Sex Terror + Inverne + Ira Noctis + Liebe In Tiefer Finsternis + Logan Ryuk + Lúcida Fila + MATT HART + MissSuicide + MonoSapien + Moonlight Asylum + Morgenstern + NORMORIA + Ocean Dark + Odinkrsna + OMNIMAR + OneZeroCypher + Palindrones + Raudadler + Scheitan + Subliminal Code + Syn Nine + SynthAttack + The Black Capes + THE ESCAPE + TOAL + Uncarnate + White Ritual+ ИIGH† + :Waijdan:


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