OCTO CRURA - Black Flamingo

In a realm where words have wings and melodies are spun from the threads of arachnoid dreams, OCTO CRURA’s queens unveils a feast that defies convention. "Black Flamingo" soars above the ordinary, with a blend of groove metal, nu metal, industrial trap metal and metalcore that will ignite your senses and leave you craving more.

This isn't your typical flamingo, bathed in the soft hues of pink. No, this is the Black Flamingo, a creature of the night with a taste that will ensnare you in its web of sound. Its wings are a modern metal dark symphony, and its call will echo in your soul.

OUT NOW as DOWNLOAD and STREAM 👉 https://bfan.link/BLKflamingo


This isn't for the faint-hearted; it's for the unforgiven, the ones thrown out the door for just being themselves. Unite in the battleground as CIRCUIT PREACH and EXTIZE join forces for "Fight For You"!

In the gritty depths of this collaboration, lines are drawn: "An enemy to you is an enemy to me. You know I'm gonna fight for you." It's a guttural roar of defiance, a pledge to stand by those who've been forsaken.

In a groundbreaking fusion of modern EBM and electro-industrial, this electrifying collaboration adds an oriental wasteland touch that sets the stage for an anthem of resilience and unity.

"Fight For You" isn't just a track; it's a war cry for the outcasts, a testament to the strength found in unity. Join this fierce uprising and let the music ignite your rebellious spirit. Are you ready to stand shoulder to shoulder against the world?

STREAM & DOWNLOAD now on 👉 https://bfan.link/circuitize


Prepare for a relentless onslaught as THE SILVERBLACK, Italy's modern industrial metal powerhouse, unveils their latest masterpiece "Blood Eagle." With lyrics that delve into the darkness of mortality and a sound that's as heavy as the weight of existence itself, this single promises to be an epic descent into oblivion. Embrace the impending chaos and let "Blood Eagle" soar through your veins. It's time to face the void and to leave this world like a true warrior!

OUT NOW as DOWNLOAD and STREAM 👉 https://bfan.link/TSeale


Switzerland’s most mysterious synthpop duo, BLACKBOOK, is back with an unforgettable new anthem! "Echoes And Shadows" invites you to embark on a journey where memories spring to life, and the past weaves an enigmatic spell. With a powerful beat and captivating melodies, this remarkable song will transport you to a realm where nostalgia and curiosity collide. It's a musical journey that takes you deeper into the shadows of your own experiences, leaving you yearning for more.

Join BLACKBOOK on this intriguing expedition through the corridors of time, where echoes of the past dance alongside mysterious shadows. Get ready to be hooked from the very first note!

OUT NOW as DOWNLOAD and STREAM 👉 https://bfan.link/EAS

ANTIBODY - Throw The Switch

The "enfant terrible" of the modern power noise scene is finally back with the first single of his upcoming album "Never Quite Right"!

Throw the Switch" by ANTIBODY is a thunderous onslaught of electro-industrial power. This track encapsulates the essence of raw energy and relentless rhythm, pulling you into a vortex of pulsating beats and distorted beats. Join us on a journey through the darkest corners of electronic music as ANTIBODY unleashes their sonic fury. Brace yourself for a dark rave like no other.

We also just started the preorder of the very limited collector bundle and of the digipac CD of his upcoming album right now and exclusively on darkMerch.

LISTEN to the single and PREORDER the album HERE 👉 https://bfan.link/TTS

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