Dust in Mind

We will release a new Dust In Mind video next friday... Be ready for the new hit from our female fronted metal Band from France!

You can get the new album "Never Look Back" right now on:

DJversion666: Prelude

To all those NIN fans out there: We present you the new album of the Industrial metal project DJversion666. Get ready for 12 tracks full of distorted beats an guitars.

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Die Form ÷ Musique Concrete: Cinema Obscura

This is the new experimental, instrumental, cinematic, ambient solo-project of Philippe Fichot composed from 2013 to 2014. The tracks have been started during a recovery stay, and completed, improved and mixed in studio in 2015. We will release this new album on november 20th. 2015!

Pre order it now on:

Cinema Obscura
Darkest Halloween 2015

35 darkTunes Bands, from Metal to Dark Electro!

The summer is finally gone, and the shadows already begin to grow longer. So do the nights! But as nights are not most scary, if they’re long, but if they’re dark, there might be no darker one in the year but that of fading October. So let us celebrate with you, what others fear!

Your most hollow soundtrack, presented by darkTunes, will break the tranquility of the night! So make this night the loudest of the year, and enjoy our latest compilation: Darkest Halloween 2015!

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Omnimar: Sadizm

Be ready for the new Omnimar video clip! Release will be next friday!

The new album START is out now, get it here:

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