Omnimar: Start

Omnimar has just released a live Video of "My little World" and gives you some awesome impressions of the band's live shows. The Duo is supported by the lovely Cherry-Girls, so don't miss this one!

"My little World" is taken from the album "Start". Get it here:

Die Form ÷ Musique Concrète: Cinema Obscura

Today is a big day, the new album of the solo-project of Philippe Fichot (Die Form (Official)) is out now.

You can get the piece of art CINEMA OBSCURA here:

Since ages, music and sounds have always been a powerful medium to express the emotions, with the power to reveal and generate images from the invisible, from borderline worlds to new visionary landscapes and mindscapes. For this project, many different sources have been used : electronic analog and digital tools, as well as noises and tapes (this is the relation with the "musique concrète" reference) and some natural and artificial voices too. This could be a transition between the past and the future, inspired by silence and meditation.

Extize: Sex, Drugs, Industrial

Dear fans of Electro-industrial we present you the Extize parody of the dancefloor hits from the last years! You can get the song INDUSTRIAL KOMBAT such as their new 7 tracks ep SEX, DUCKS & INDUSTRIAL for free on

Have fun and share, like, spread and comment this link and video everywhere you can!

SynthAttack: To the Floor

Here is the first album from the Dark Electro duo SynthAttack!

This amazing debut Album is full of dancefloor hits and includes remixes from [:SITD:] (Official), Centhron, ES23, NOISUF-X, Binary Division, Arise-X, D-ToX and Freakangel

Get it now on:

Dust in Mind - Never Look Back

Here is the brand new lyrics video from our french metal band Dust In Mind!

This song is taken from the new album "Never Look Back" get it now on:

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