Dynamite for the ears!

Since 1998, that is almost two decades, Metallspürhunde are delighting the world with their unique sound. Like the eponymous Minesweeper-Dogs of the Vietnam-War, the swiss musicians steadily are unearthing new musical inflammable matter, that is able to fascinate their fans again and again. After 4 EPs and 6 studio-albums that were already release now it is time for the seventh stroke. With “Giftbox” a classy mixture of Rock-elements, electropunk and synthpop awaits in the manner of the great names of the 80s like Depeche Mode or New Order. At the same time METALLSPÜRHUNDE revive the flair of the “Neue Deutsche Todeskunst” that was known by bands like LacrimosaOfficial and Co., creating their unique sound that is a mixture of a bit nostalgia and timelessness.

With their experience the swiss musicians understand like no other band how to create a critical review of our time with seemingly ordinary topics, and how to make a profound analysis out of profanities. In this manner “Giftbox” appears as an extraordinary piece of art, that with ease brings out the main points and gives the listeners food for thoughts. METALLSPÜRHUNDE again create a wide musical and topical range, that could encompass a whole world. Whoever doesn’t consider himself satisfied with less, should not miss “Giftbox”.


ACHTUNG, ACHTUNG! The Russians are here!

Welcome to the New Russian Supremacy. EISENWUT is what remains when all hope is gone. A swooning Europe, set to the tone of a musical apocalypse. A firestorm unleashed, born under pain in a harsh Russian winter, fed by hate and way too powerful to remain in hiding any longer. This terror is off its leash now. And will leave nothing but devastation in the marching rhythm of a new age.

EISENWUT are not here to prove anything. They are here to claim power, to lead the long due changing of the guard by becoming the ever determined messengers of a new epoch.

Get their debut album "Die Herrschaft der Leere" now:


Today is April 20th, the perfect date to release the new video clip "420" of our Swiss nu metal heads from SICKRET !

This song is about a Swiss tradition, this song is for all the "gardeners" between you, this song is for the people who miss the good old nu metal from the 2000s.

Turn the volume up, push the play button and let's fly very high!

"420" is taken from SICKRET's new album "Hypocritical", get it now on:


Hammer-strokes and steam are heralding the next Era of Steampunk!

Full steam ahead could be the slogan of LA VICTORIANA FRONTERA, when the musical airship is flying high above a world characterized by Steampunk and Rock. With a nicely balanced mixture the musicians from Kiel are creating their individual sound of melancholy, euphoria and fantasy from different yet harmonic elements, just like the tinkerers of an alternative and early-industrialized reality.

Whoever wants to explore this world, that as well could be penned by Jules Verne, does not have to back down to the living room, since the live-shows of the band are packing a punch: LA VICTORIANA FRONTERA are fascinating their fans in a visually and auditory stunning way. With their new album “Über den Äther” the musicians from northern Germany once again are inviting us to a journey. With 12 energetic tracks LA VICTORIANA FRONTERA are not only firing up their boilers but also their fans. A pinch of Neue Deutsche Härte and a shot of melancholic gothic-music paired with profound german lyrics make this journey a true adventure!

So whoever is not afraid of flying should not miss the new album of LA VICTORIANA FRONTERA, because the musicians are not only flying high, but over the aether!

OMNIMAR - Poison

Again, time has come for pure emotion from Russia!

With their new album “Poison” OMNIMAR provide the next masterpiece, that already announced itself by the single-release “Out of my Life” in a more than convincing way. The previous album “Start” has already attracted attention in the scene, so that among others the gothic-magazine “Orkus” already acknowledged OMNIMAR with long reviews.

Emotional as we know them, the russian musicians are providing us with goosebumps: More spherical and darker than ever before, OMNIMAR successfully handle the balancing act of musical progress and preservation of their unique and typical sound, that in the past already enchanted their fans. But also tracks like “Boom Boom”, that has the potential for the next dancefloor-hit, ensure a nice and well-rounded contrast towards the dark and emotional tracks, that directly find their way towards the listeners heart.

So whoever doesn’t want to miss the next chapter in the success-story of OMNIMAR, should definitely be ready for the new album “Poison”!

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