We are very proud to present the new lyrics video and single "Never Ending Pain" taken from the upcoming CHABTAN album "Nine Levels".

Turn the volume up, hit the play button, and start your travel into the old & mystic mayan mythology...

You can preorder their new masterpiece "Nine Levels" now as digipak or download and you can stream their new single right here:


From within the endless warren of tunnels, in the darkest depths of the mine, a new sound awakens.

« The Awakening » is the exciting debut album from the dynamic-darkwave duo, AUGER. Forged in the industrialised north of England, AUGER’s hard-hitting and hyper-melodic approach to music is a true breakthrough in the goth/industrial scene.

AUGER’s sound takes influence from the likes of BLUTENGEL, PROJECT PITCHFORK and DIARY OF DREAMS mining the finest paydirt from all scenes of music, both new and old. Whilst listening to the album, you can't help but hear and experience a comprehensive range of different musical-ores from industrial, to darkwave, to metal all smelted together to create a truly unique casting of songs. From start to finish, the thirteen tracks take you on a journey of self-discovery, mourning, and regret. As it follows August, an aristocrat and owner of a successful mine, and his head miner and long-term friend, Erwin. As they race against time to save August's wife from a wendigo, a gaunt, emaciated and violent creature, formed within the darkest depths of the mine.

« The Awakening »is out now as a beautifully designed 6-panel digipak CD and digitally across all good streaming and online platforms!


What would happen if Rammstein and Lady Gaga had a baby? If 90’s techno and industrial metal came together as one? The anwer is TUNZ TUNZ!

The first album by TUNZ TUNZ, brainchild of Marco Krasinski (from Rome, Italy), is called “Empowerment” (Release on April 27th) and it combines super catchy covers with heavy-like-hell original techno metal songs.

From the thunderous grooves of “Talk to the Hand” and “Cleopatra” to the manga-inspired “Reload Your Gun”, each track on the album makes you want to hit someone in the head with a baseball bat and dance on his dead body.

The main theme on the album is women’s inner strength, which they need to get rid of men who do not respect them. This process of self-discovery will lead them to their “Empowerment”.

The cover artwork was inspired by Blade Runner and Ghost in the Shell, was designed by digital artist Simona Ceci, who has worked amongst others for Weta on Dawn of the Planet of the Apes.

If you preorder the debut-album you will get the single "No Limit" as instant download now



The Metalcore sensation made in Switzerland Way Of Changes strikes back with the new music video "Cold Hands" which continues the story where their last video "Trust" stopped.

Be ready for hard riffs, melancholy and a journey into life and death...

Get the new album "Reflections" now:

EXTIZE - Alles was ich will

Actually, everything could be so much better ... You could dance under the sunshine in a beautiful Wonderland or have some rest on its beach. But no, the reality looks like something else. Fuck!

Your work, your boss, Facebook and everything annoying in your life is driving you mad. In the new single « Alles « was ich will » (Everything I want) the German-French electro-rebels of EXTIZE are going to the source of these problems. This time in German language, frontman Cyberella sings about how is this fuckin’ life and how cool it should be, of course with the typical and weird EXTIZE humor!

Welcome to this (not) so wonderful world! Just click on the link and turn the volume up!

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