EXTIZE - Alles was ich will

EXTIZE are back and it will be weirder than ever!

The electro rednecks will release their sixth album "Hellcome to the Titty Twister Club" on May 11th... But before it happens, they are going to release their new single and music video "Alles was ich will". Here is a short teaser of their new club hit which will hit the dancefloors on March 30th.

You can preorder the new album as wonderful digipak with 12 pages booklet, or as download. And you can also preorder their new single here:



What would happen if Rammstein and Lady Gaga had a baby? If 90’s techno and industrial metal came together as one? The anwer is TUNZ TUNZ!

The first album by TUNZ TUNZ, brainchild of Marco Krasinski (from Rome, Italy), is called “Empowerment” (Release on April 27th) and it combines super catchy covers with heavy-like-hell original techno metal songs.

From the thunderous grooves of “Talk to the Hand” and “Cleopatra” to the manga-inspired “Reload Your Gun”, each track on the album makes you want to hit someone in the head with a baseball bat and dance on his dead body.

The main theme on the album is women’s inner strength, which they need to get rid of men who do not respect them. This process of self-discovery will lead them to their “Empowerment”.

The cover artwork was inspired by Blade Runner and Ghost in the Shell, was designed by digital artist Simona Ceci, who has worked amongst others for Weta on Dawn of the Planet of the Apes.

If you preorder the debut-album you will get the single "No Limit" as instant download now



Dear Melodeath fans, we are extremely proud to present you our last signing CHABTAN! darkTunes will release their second album "Nine Levels" on April 20th, and we've just released the first previews and the first single "The Fall of Nojpetén" right now, see the link below...

This great metal band formed in 2011 in Paris (France) draws its influences in melodic and modern death metal with a concept based on mesoamerican mythologies.

CHABTAN is composed of Cristofer Rousseau on vocals, Jean-Philippe Porteux and Dimitri Merly on guitars, Laurent Gasperetti on bass and Charles Phily on drums. Their first album "The Kiss Of Coatlicue" was released in 2015 and produced by Fredrik Nordstrom (IN FLAMES, ARCH ENEMY). CHABTAN were the official support of NILE and SUFFOCATION for their european tour.

You can preorder their new masterpiece "Nine Levels" now as digipak or download and you can stream their new single right here:


WAY OF CHANGES are on their way to the very top. Founded 2014 in Lausanne, these Swiss youngsters bring down the plastering of the club ceilings since day one. In November of the same year, they bundeled their energy on CD and released their debut EP "Honesty", giving the scene a first glimpse of what to expect from WAY OF CHANGES in the future.

Meaning: unique Metalcore including massive breakdowns, catchy lead guitars and huge choruses that infect your long-term memory instantly. Thanks to their feeling for engaging songs, a great production and a fund of cool ideas and talent, WAY OF CHANGES already built the fundament for a promising future. No wonder that every single one of this quintet's live shows is a demonstration of what passionate energy can do. The band has proven that countless times when they shared the stage, among others, with BENIGHTED, DAGOBA and DREAMSHADE. For WAY OF CHANGES, there is no standstill, neither in front of nor on top of the stage.

In every show, exploding moshpits and a lot of hands in the air demonstrate the fire that the youngsters from Lausanne are able to ignite. Melody and brutality on one hand, talent and passion on the other characterize WAY OF CHANGES, and the Metalcore world will soon be convinced by a first full-length album... and especially live!

Their debut album "Reflections" is out now, get it as digipak, download or streaming here:


We are very pleased to say "Welcome" to the dark wave project AUGER from UK. AUGER are a brand new and exciting dynamic darkwave duo, comprising of Kyle Wilson (21) lead vocals, keyboards, programming and Kieran Thornton (21) guitar and backing vocals.

Formed in the industrialised north of England; a haunted landscape of dark satanic mills, ruined factories, dormant steelworks and disused coal mines. Laying beneath all of this wasteland, is a labyrinth of man made tunnels where madness lies waiting.

AUGER’s hard hitting sound is a unique fusion of darkwave, industrial, electronica, gothic rock and metal. Musical reference points include BlutEngel, Project Pitchfork, Subway to Sally, Unheilig, Type O Negative, Gothminister, Mono Inc and Eisbrecher.

AUGER completed their debut 10 date UK tour in late 2017, and they have already been selected to open for the likes of The Crüxshadows, Ost+Front, Star Industry & Gothminister.

We will release their debut album "The Awakening" on April 6th, it will be available as digipak, download and streaming. You can already preorder it and get the song "Wendigo" as instant gratification track now on:

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