Dear Nu metal fans, be ready for the new Smash Hit Combo double album "L33T" which will be released on May 26th... It will be brutal, it will be full of punchlines in your faces and it will be international!

For the first time of the band history, SMASH HIT COMBO will release a double album with a very special concept: same instrumentals but different singers and different languages!

- CD 1 will be in English, featuring the incredible US rapper and Youtuber None Like Joshua!

- CD 2 will be in French, as usual...

darkTunes invites you to discover this new chapter of France's best nu metal/rapcore band! Be ready for 24 new tracks and for mind blowing new music videos... Have fun with the new music video "Spin The Wheel"

You can preorder the new SMASH HIT COMBO album right here:

OMNIMAR - Poison

Again, time has come for pure emotion from Russia!

With their new album “Poison” OMNIMAR provide the next masterpiece, that already announced itself by the single-release “Out of my Life” in a more than convincing way.

The previous album “Start” has already attracted attention in the scene, so that among others the gothic-magazine “Orkus” already acknowledged OMNIMAR with long reviews.

Emotional as we know them, the russian musicians are providing us with goosebumps: More spherical and darker than ever before, OMNIMAR successfully handle the balancing act of musical progress and preservation of their unique and typical sound, that in the past already enchanted their fans. But also tracks like “Boom Boom”, that has the potential for the next dancefloor-hit, ensure a nice and well-rounded contrast towards the dark and emotional tracks, that directly find their way towards the listeners heart.

So whoever doesn’t want to miss the next chapter in the success-story of OMNIMAR, should definitely be ready for the new album “Poison”!

DUST IN MIND - Oblivion

"White coats around me, medications to help me. This venom that makes me sleep, that heals me, but scares me. White coats around me, I never want to see. This venom that makes me sleep, take me for eternity."

We are very proud to present you the new full audio video "Anesthesia" of DUST IN MIND. This song is taken from their new album "Oblivion" which is OUT NOW!

You can get the limited digipak (with its wonderful booklet) or the digital version right here:



Here comes the intersection of industrial genres, here comes CHEMICAL SWEET KID! That the chemistry of the three gloomy musicians from Metz is right is not a mere catchword, but the result of the synthesis of different genres of the industrial sector. The French musicians join the ranks somewhere between MARILYN MANSON, CHRISTIAN DEATH, COMBICHRIST and ROB ZOMBIE, blurring the boundaries between hard industrial riffs and electronic elements.

After their debut album "Tears of Pain" in 2011 and "Broken Wings" a year later and “The Speed Of Time” in 2015, CHEMICAL SWEET KID are now returning more powerful and energetic than ever before. With "Addicted to Addiction", the three musicians from France have created a masterpiece that leaves nothing to be desired. The three Industrial-Rockers tirelessly fueling their their fans with extatic riffs and the voice of the frontman Julien Kidam heats up every party to the boiling point.

Those who have watched in the chemistry class will be aware that "Addicted to Addiction" is not to be missed in a good CD shelf!

DUST IN MIND - Oblivion

"The memories are deleted, all those that had created, were swept into the void, don’t leave me alone in the storm!"

We are very proud to present you the newfull audio video "Too Far" of DUST IN MIND. This song is taken from their new album "Oblivion" which is OUT NOW!

You can get the limited digipak (with its wonderful booklet) or the digital version right here:

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