EXTIZE - Redneck Industrial

Electro-industrial meets country! The new album is out now!

Since 2007 the musical outlaws EXTIZE are riding through the prairie of electronic music. The scoundrels keep moving year by year, from Club to club, from stage to stage to execute their dirty jobs on their synths, effect units, e-drums and e-guitars. Led by their german-french ringleader and mastermind Cyb3rella they fire sound storms of dark electro, industrial, EBM and hard trance into the party crazy rabble with baseline after baseline. The energy loaded EXTIZE sound destroys the boarders of the music genres like a bar of dynamite underneath a stage coach and demonstrates what dark electronic music of the new century has to offer. No eyes will remain dry and feet’s not dancing on the same spot.

The freaks of EXTIZE have already torn a blood filled swath of destruction through the electronic music territory with their recent four records and four EP’s. Now their fifth album “Redneck Industrial” is the new bullet in the barrel, a new facet of the band on the horizon. EXTIZE recollected to their beginning stage of industrial influences and spicing it up with Country and Western sound structures, fine-tune this with the club sound from today and the outcome is the brand new album “Redneck Industrial. A brand new concept album the goth industrial scene has not experienced until now.

The album not only features club hits such as „Lawless Gringo“, „Guns Gasoline & Cowbell“ and “Hillbilly Rage“ but also a synth pop song called “Rodeo Stars” and even a ballad called “Back To Home” have found their slot amongst the 10 tracks featured on the album. So the four daredevils of EXTIZE proof yet again how versatile their music can be. The album is rounded up with remixes from likewise versatile renowned bands SHIV-R, OMNIMAR, SYNTHATTACK, BINARY DIVISION and NITRO/NOISE. Also the newest EXTIZE member Bill is revealed and contributes in his own special manner exclusive material for the first time on the new album “Redneck Industrial” so the album heavily loaded with 19 tracks is ready to storm the saloons.

The EXTIZE electro rowdies are riding the bass of the musical show down into a club near you! Loud rumbles the war chant: We want you to dance — Dead or Alive!

Join the gang, get a horse and ride with them away now!

PS: They will be on tour with PROJECT PITCHFORK and REAPER from september till december, here are the DATES.



SICKRET - HYPOCRITICAL (Release: Sept. 30th. 2016)

Imagine Limp Bizkit, Biohazard, Slipknot, CLAWFINGER and Sick Of It All would spent a holiday in Switzerland to produce a new album together. It would surely be a dream that is coming true for every fan of 90s Nu Metal/Rap Metal and modern Hardcore Metal. What if we would tell you, that this dream (nearly) became true and that the new album “Hypocritical” of the swiss band SICKRET sounds exactly like this?

Hard and merciless the riffs are hammering their way through the Swiss Alps: Since the founding of the band in 2010, SICKRET has played over 100 shows in 6 countries, where they convince their fans with dynamic songwriting and awesome stage presence. SICKRET are masters of the Nu Metal-, Crossover- and Hardcore-Genre, and show the audience how this mixture should sound nowadays.

After their success in the “KUFA Hardcore CUP”, where the four guys won against numerous other bands, more concerts were following, where SICKRET were sharing the stage with bands like SICK OF IT ALL, PRO PAIN - OFFICIAL PAGE, Skindred (official), Breakdown of Sanity, Aborted, First Blood and more. After the band released their debut-album “Pointless Appendix”, which was widely appreciated, SICKRET received an EMP Support-Deal in 2014, and, only one year later, a tour in Cuba and a tour in Eastern Europe was following, just like many single shows inside and outside of Switzerland.

On September 30th 2016 SICKRET will finally be back with their new album “Hypocritical”, so be prepared for a new climax of the Hardcore- and Nu Metal-Genre!

Enjoy the return in the 90s !!!

You can the new album HYPOCRITICAL here:


We are proud to present you EXTIZE's first lyrics video RIDE TO THE DARK taken from their upcoming album REDNECK INDUSTRIAL which will be released next friday! The best thing is that if you preorder this new album now on bandcamp, iTunes or amazon, you will get this song as instant download before the release date!

So turn the volume up and enjoy the bass massage!

You can preorder their new album right now! RELEASE IN 7 DAYS!

Warning: the digipacks are almost sold out!

PS: They will be on tour with PROJECT PITCHFORK and REAPER from september till december, here are the DATES.



SMASH HIT COMBO presents "Génération Test", one of the first video of the band!.

Enjoy the return in the 90s !!!

You can get their complete discography here:



Electro Industrial meets country!!!!

Their concept album will be released in 3 weeks, so be quick and get the digipack cause they are already 50% sold out!

Share it, like it, hate it, but pre-order the limited digipack or the download version! If you preorder it now on Bancamp, iTunes or Amazon, you will get the track "Ride To The Dark" before the release date!


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