Hey Darklings! The darkwave duo DANCE MY DARLING is back with a new video! Enjoy the "Descaped Version" of their hit "Gang Bang"

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Embrace the flames with Circuit Preacher's latest anthem, "Made to Burn"!

In a world where shadows linger, this track is an EBM hymn for the outcasts, the forgotten vessels of damnation. Celebrating defiance, it boldly declares that some were born to burn and find solace in the company of the forsaken. With pulsating beats and unapologetic lyrics, "Made to Burn" is a proclamation of identity. It echoes the sentiment of shedding unwanted layers, burning to satisfy destiny, and keeping away those who fail to understand.

Join Circuit Preacher in this rebellion, where the flames purify and the outcasts find camaraderie. "Made to Burn" is not just a song; it's a celebration of the fire within. Are you ready to embrace your destiny?

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🎉 The darkTunes Music Group label crew wishes you all a happy new year 🤘


⭐ 2023 was simply unbelievable:

👉 we released 107 singles, 15 Albums, 11 EPs, 4 compilations and 147 videos!

👉 2 new artists joined the family

👉 6 of our first bands resigned with us

👉 we had several international charts entries such as massive playlists entries

👉 our own Spotify playlists had an average of 33% growth

👉 we reached a new all time sales high and backstage subscribers on bandcamp

👉 we reached a new all time sales high on our mailorder DarkMerch

👉 the most of our bands played at the major goth & metal festivals 2023

👉 several physical releases were sold out

👉 62 new DJs joined out promo pool

👉 492 new people joined our mailing list

👉 we reached over 7 million views and 10k new subscribers on our Youtube channel

👉 we reached new all time highs in streaming and download

👉 we received 5438 e-mails (spams not included) and sent 3723 e-mails

👉 we started the planing of our very first festival « DARK FEST »

👉 last but not least, our label boss "Raph" could go 5 days on holidays


🎤 Raph:

« The little home for goth, metal, and alternative bands I started to build in 2013 continues to grow and I am immensely thankful and proud of each and every person who has contributed to our journey in 2023. To all the artists, DJs, colleagues, family members, friends, supporters, influencers, fans, business and media partners and music lovers who added their unique bricks this year, your dedication has been our driving force.

As I reflect on this year's achievements, I see that there is still a long, long way to go on this seemingly endless path. But I'm overflowing with motivation and determination to reach the next step in our journey. My vision is to transform this little home into a small castle for our incredibly talented bands to celebrate alternative music with all of you: the music lovers who make it all worthwhile.

My goal is to make a safe place where all our bands feel good in a honest, fair and familiary atmosphere. I believe in team work more than ever before, especially in this time where there are million of releases each day and where everybody become selfish… I strongly believe that being part of a team, of a family which helps each other is one of the keys.

For me, the year 2023 has been marked by creativity, passion and a shared love for the modern music, the dark, the alternative and the unique. I can't wait to see what the future holds for darkTunes Music Group and I'm excited to continue this remarkable adventure with all of you. Together, we'll keep pushing the limits and bring our bricks on the wall of the gothic and metal music culture.

Thank you for your overwhelming support and for being a part of our ever-expanding family. Here's to the future, where our dark castle will stand as a testament to our dedication to alternative music ! »


🎹 Dear bands, thank you for your hard work and the wonderful feelings you share with the world!

💪 Dear partners, thank you for helping us to spread the music and videos of our talents.

🌟 Dear fans and supporters, thank you for being the heart of these scene and for making it possible for us to follow our dreams.

❤️ Let's continue to keep these scenes alive all together, let's keep going forward hand in hand and make the best out of the upcoming year!




 🎄 In a realm where shadows dance, Beneath the moon's enchanting trance, darkTunes echoes through the night, With melodies that pierce the heart just right.

 🦇 Gothic carols in the air, A symphony of darkness rare, Metal riffs like thunder's roar, Awakening spirits, forevermore.

 ❄️ Spooky ornaments, dark and grand, Adorn our tree, a sinister stand, In this realm of black and chrome, Where Christmas has a darker tone.

 💀 The Krampus growls, the banshees wail, As snowflakes fall and winds unveil, A holiday that's far from bright, Yet filled with beauty in the night.

 🎁 So raise your horns and join the feast, In the world where darkness meets, A Christmas tale of alternative music grace, In darkTunes' enchanting embrace.

 🎸 May your holiday be filled with music's might, A Merry Metal Christmas, on this not so silent night!



Inspired by the East Asian folklore and legendary filmmaker Akira Kurosawa's short film under the same title, The Fox's Wedding is the final offering from CZARINA's second album, Arcana. Directed by The Kitsunés with cinematography by Galician filmmaker Raúl Lorenzo, The Fox’s Wedding is an enchanted musical film about love and curious wonder where the East embraces the West with a nod to deep roots and lineage. Borrowing cues from master storytellers Hayao Miyazaki and Guillermo del Toro, the film follows three mischievous children entering a magical forest filled with fantastical creatures and stumbling upon a magical wedding procession that they secretly follow.

This song is part of her sophomore album ARCANA which is OUT NOW 👉

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