Prepare to embark on a heart-wrenching voyage into the depths of the human spirit as BALDUVIAN BEARS introduces his new single "Reaper". This haunting track is a raw, emotional odyssey that delves into the very essence of post-punk and darkwave music.

"Reaper" captures the intense emotions that define BALDUVIAN BEARS' unique sound, immersing you in a world of introspection, nostalgia, and profound sentiment. It's a stirring dance with the bears, an opportunity to experience the raw beauty of modern post-punk and darkwave music in a way that will touch your soul and leave an indelible mark on your heart, evoking emotions you never knew existed.

Enjoy this new song and its video which are available now as DOWNLOAD and STREAM 👉


Get ready to revisit one of DUST IN MIND's most successful albums, as "CTRL" takes on a new form with its instrumental release!

Feel the raw intensity of their passion and the depths of their emotions as you immerse yourself in this stripped-down version. Without vocals, every note becomes a canvas for your own interpretation, every beat a heartbeat echoing the band's soul.

With several million streams, "CTRL" has already captured hearts and minds. Now, experience it in a whole new light, letting the music speak directly to your soul, stirring up feelings you never knew existed.

Let the instrumental version of "CTRL" be your soundtrack to introspection, guiding you through the highs and lows of the human experience with its rich melodies and haunting rhythms. Don't just listen – feel.



EXTIZE is back with an industrial metal call for the people to wake-up! Get ready to be electrified by the explosive new single "Open Your Eyes " !

In this heart-pounding anthem, EXTIZE delves deep into the industrial and electro metal genres, delivering bone-crushing riffs, relentless rhythms, and vocals that pierce the very essence of your soul. "Open Your Eyes" is a call to action, an invitation to open your soul, your eyes, your heart, and your mind to a world of musical intensity like never before. Let’s make the past and present collide!

EXTIZE are doing a "MonStars Festivals Tour" so don't miss them live at the DARK FEST (our own label festival), WAVE-GOTIK-TREFFEN, M'ERA LUNA, CASTLE PARTY FESTIVAL and at the EUROPEAN DARK DANCE TREFFEN.



🔥 Oh yes, the darkTunes DJ team will make you dance at the Wave-Gotik-Treffen! Get ready to show us your best goth moves on Sunday May 19th in the venue Moritzbastei 🦇

🖤 DJane Neon Kitty (aka electronicbodymemes), DJ Barus and Rapha Hell can't wait to party hard with you! See you next month in Leipzig and don't forget to get your tickets 🖤

 PS: also, at midnight we'll celebrate the birthday of Rapha Hell 🎂

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