darkTunes Music Group is proud to present you a selection of independent and unknown horror, sci-fi, fantasy and dark thriller movies! Enjoy this creepy short film written and directed by Craig Fisher!

Synopsis: On All Hallows’ Eve, Issac’s Sleep Paralysis comes full circle. Can he survive the night, or will the Nightmæres drag him into the darkness forever...


Friends of female fronted bands, we've just created a Spotify playlist full of girls power! 

Enjoy this playlist made of metal goddesses, heavy metal & alternative electro queens, and bang your head with them! Join us now:

👉 https://open.spotify.com/playlist/76gylq0O22vJfkfrQUa0qX?si=s04gJlG6SlWqpNQi5-N9SA


Dear female fronted metal fans, the second single & video of the upcoming FALLCIE album is OUT NOW!

Enjoy A MARTY IS BORN, which is taken from their upcoming album BAD BLOOD which will be released on March 6th.

Two years after the first album "Born Again", the Russian female fronted metal band FALLCIE followed up with their second long player "Bad Blood". Noisy and violent, one banger after another pounds out of the speakers on "Bad Blood". On 10 songs, FALLCIE take the listener on a dark journey between good and evil. Angry growls combined with crystal clear vocals by frontwoman Valentina meeting pounding double bass drums with driving and melodic guitar riffs.

FALLCIE stand for ruthless female fronted metal, in the spirit of acts like JINJER and INFECTED RAIN. After FALLCIE attracted attention in 2017 with their first single "Rock'n'Rolla", the five russian riots from Saint Petersburg moved around the world to bring their brute sound to the people. So FALLCIE were on tour with NILE and HATE ETERNAL, were support for SUMO CYCO and have already completed 5 headliner tours through Europe. For the new album "Bad Blood" FALLCIE are on Europe tour with VADER in March 2020.

"Bad Blood" will be released on March 6, 2020, so be quick and get you collector bundle with limited shirt and digibook now exclusively on our shop DARKMERCH:

Or preorder the digital album on iTunes, Amazon, Googleplay or Bandcamp and get the new single PARASITES as instant gratification download now:


Here we go, hell is gonna turn into an evil pink paradise full of glitters! Enjoy this "Daddy Is The Devil" album preview of our female fronted industrial electro rockers from France FREAK INJECTION. 

Don't forget to preorder the album and one of our 4 limited collector editions here:



The new single and video of our native American goth rockers AMORE AD LUNAM is OUT NOW!

Enjoy this gothic rock ballade masterpiece and let the wonderful voice of KEMI VITA shine in your darkness! Click here to get the single:

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