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The summer is finally gone, and the shadows already begin to grow longer. So do the nights! But as nights are not most scary, if they’re long, but if they’re dark, there might be no darker one in the year but that of fading October. So let us celebrate with you, what others fear!

Your most hollow soundtrack, presented by darkTunes, will break the tranquility of the night! So make this night the loudest of the year, and enjoy our latest compilation: Darkest Halloween Compilation 2020!

🎃Turn the volume up and enjoy the darkest songs of the following bands:

Aevum / ASHES'N'ANDROID / Amore Ad Lunam / Antibody / APRYL / Auger / Basszilla / Binary Division / BLACKBOOK / CattaC / Cernunnos / CHABTAN / CIMA MUTA / Dance My Darling / Darkcell feat. Lindsay Schoolcraft (ex Cradle of Filth) / DJversion666 / Dust In Mind / Electro Fear / Extize / Fallcie / Fourth Circle / Freak Injection / LOGICAL TERROR / Omnimar / SICKRET / Smash Hit Combo / Stoneman / Suppressor / SynthAttack / T3RR0R 3RR0R / The Black Capes / The Silverblack / THIRD REALM / TOAL / XORDIA

FREAK INJECTION - Daddy Is The Devil

The freaks are back with a new video! Hell is gonna turn again into a pink orgy full of glitters!

"Sex Voodoo & Rock'N'Roll" is taken from FREAK INJECTION's debut album "Daddy Is The Devil". You can get the album as limited digipak, stream, download or in one of our 4 limited collector editions here:

Enjoy the new video!


Ladies & gentlemen, we are very excited to announce that C Z A R I N A joined the darkTunes family!

CZARINA ® (styled as C Z A R I N A) is Vero Kitsuné - an American award-winning synth and electronic artist, songwriter, producer, visual artist and filmmaker based in Galicia and London. Her work transcends a vast spectrum of electronic genres including progressive synths, industrial, dark trip hop, electronic rock, post-punk and darkwave.

nspired by her love for futurist culture, cyberpunk, mecha robots, martial arts and Japanese Animes, CZARINA has created a distinctively compelling artistic universe that is a true fusion of her unique strengths in both visual and musical artistry. Her eclectic list of musical and visionary influences include Nine Inch Nails, Massive Attack, TOOL, A Perfect Circle, Bjork, Vangelis, The Black Queen, The Cranberries, David Bowie, Led Zeppelin, Heart, QUEEN, Debbie Harry, Kate Bush, Annie Lennox, Siouxie Sioux and Tori Amos. Dabbling with atmospheric synths and lush cinematic tones, CZARINA takes her audience into a smoke-filled, neon-lit dimension, with vivid, picturesque and poignant lyricism, sonic guitars, catchy melodies and powerful vocal hooks which are all signature to her unique soundscape.

CZARINA is an established fashion and accessories designer, and she co-runs the creative branding powerhouse for art, design, photography, film and music called THE KITSUNÉS with DeadlyKawaii. She is also an active wildlife, marine life and ocean advocate.

You can discover the debut album "Painted Holograms" of this amazing artist now on:

We also invite you to watch her award winning music video "BLAZE: Dances of the Yokai [The Tale of the Assassin and the Samurai]" below, which already won the NEW YORK FILM AWARDS 2019 (best music video), the INDIE SHORT FEST 2019 (best original song, best makeup and hairstyling) and which were nominee at the INDIE X FEST 2019 (best costume design and best makeup and hairstyling) such as semi-finalist at the LOS ANGELES FILM AWARDS 2019! Enjoy and welcome C Z A R I N A

TOAL - Ritus Ex Silenti

Mystical darkwave soul made in Germany!

Ladies & gentlemen, we're proud to present you the debut album "Ritus Ex Silenti" and its music video "Unreal World" of TOAL

Let the mystic fairytale begin! Get the new album as digipak or download now on:

TOAL - RITUS EX SILENTI (September 18th. 2020)

Dark synth soundscapes caress her body, pumping basses break the silence, the deep beat of the night accompanies her every step. The heartbeat of longed-for liberation throbs in her chest, waiting to break the chains of emotional captivity.

Luzi Lacole’s (keyboarder of SYNTHATTACK) fiery voice ignites the longing for a common path, a new beginning, a campaign against mechanized petrifactions. TOAL's multi-faceted style can be classified into three differing genres. A mystical-spherical NewAge ambient mix meets dark post-apocalyptic end-time industrial. Varying TOAL refine their sound landscape partially with Dark Electro, Dubstep and Witchhouse influences. The musical origins of the individual band members allow the listener enormous scope for their own interpretations due to their individuality. In short, the songs deal with the reality of the soul, with the longing for being alive, for truth and for hope.

The debut-album « Ritus Ex Silenti » is available as limited 4-sided digipak with 17 songs, inclusive great remixes from L’ÂME IMMORTELLE, SITD, ES23, Thomas Winter (CHROM), MENTAL EXILE, HZWEIG and a featuring with SYNTHATTACK. A real highlight for the ears, eyes and heart!

PS: Don't miss TOAL on Germany tour with L'ÂME IMMORTELLE:

CATTAC - Filthy Tendrils

CATTAC - FILTHY TENDRILS (Release on October 23rd. 2020)

CATTAC are finally back with a new dark jewel!

Hypnotic beats quicken the pulse, dark electro sounds touch the soul’s depths and a striking voice gives the command: “Filthy Tendrils” is the new album of CATTAC! For eleven songs, the two felines Helm and Chris lead into eternal darkness and show the world that you have to break the standards of the gothic scene to shine. Stoical electro, industrial and dark pop rhythms heat up the atmosphere! At the same time sound aesthetic synthesiser evoke the famous Nineties’ feeling when Dark Wave bands just as COVENANT, SKINNY PUPPY or DEPECHE MODE as well as groups from other genres like TYPE O NEGATIVE or THE SISTERS OF MERCY.

Inspired by the ghosts of those glorious times, the music of CATTAC balances between and beyond any borders and inhibitions. Rocking and electronic at the same time, the musicians touch with intelligent texts, flirt with electro, industrial, dark pop and dark wave, but open the genre beyond the borders. With „Filthy Tendrils” the duo delivers a very personal album. The lyrics are dealing with « Sadness », « Pain » and « farewell », a kind of own therapy.

Sleepless nights beyond time in loneliness and silence or vivid hours in the club: The new album of CATTAC shines as bright and brilliant as its producers and changes cat-like between the moods. It’s a good decision to keep eyes and ears wide open in the darkness: Not all cats are grey by night.

You can now preorder "Filthy Tendrils" as digipak or download:

Enjoy the preview of the album as interactive video player!

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