THE AUTIST - The Coldest Sun

The new single and lyrics video of THE AUTIST are out now! We're proud to present you "The Great Lioness".

This song features 2 "grandes dames" from the female fronted metal scenes, Audrey Berset from NOEIN, EMMA-O, FAKE MESSIAH) & Sara Henriques from AURA'S SEERS 

Turn the volume up and enjoy!

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KAIZER - Lebenszeitverschwender

It almost seems as if KAIZER are not quite of this world, yet they manage to completely mask out the here and now and time and space and create their own, very special, extraordinary cosmos of sound: the KAIZER cosmos. A cosmos in which the most multifaceted elements of gothic, dark rock, NDH (‘New German Hardness’) and dark pop fuse into an illustrious, dark romantic potpourri that bewitches all the senses.

The indisputable fact: KAIZER know how to captivate their listeners and draw them into their spell with an extravagant mix of sounds. This mix equally comprises hard, punchy guitar riffs as well as enchanting melodies, sensitive moments, mesmerising grooves, epic cascades of sound, catchy rhythms and ambitious lyricism. The protagonists McMurdoch, Alexander Göran Frh. v. Sperling, Thomas v. Stachow, Nina v. Ackseli and Sr. Chris Hammond know their musical trade, which manifests itself spectacularly on this powerful debut disc. The years of friendship that bind the charismatic quintet (they have all previously been active in various artistic projects) are also reflected in the new album: KAIZER are aware of their strengths.

The Berlin five-piece thereby spectacularly succeed in breathing an expressive, authentic and individual nuance into every single number, which lends their debut work ‘Lebenszeitverschwender’ powerful dynamics and an exciting impetus. There are no limits to the delicate fine-tuning at work. So KAIZER show something of their dreamy, romantic side, yet also play with a coquettish, avant-garde attitude, emitting a casual nonchalance, before then digging deep under the surface and bringing forth emotions stamped with pain, sorrow, loss, fear, devotion, hope and longing. It’s this virtuoso range that enables KAIZER to stand out from the crowd: turbulent, rotating, unpredictable, poetic, diverse and as wonderful as life itself. Imperially good!

Preorder this album as CD or download now, if you preorder it as download on amazon or itunes you will get the song "Wenn die Sonne untergeht" as instant gratification track:

THE AUTIST - The Coldest Sun

The darkTunes Music Group family is growing and it's time to say hellcome to our new signing THE AUTIST.

THE AUTIST is a female fronted metal project with prog/symphonic elements from Portugal/Russia featuring Polina Psycheya as main vocalist. The origin of the project dates back to 2014 and is the mind reflection of guitarist/composer Pedro Remiz that decided to recreate his own musical world after the end of Darkside of Innocence.

We've just released their debut album "The Coldest Sun": besides Polina Psycheya, it also features Alina Lesnik (mostly known for her many youtube covers) and Chiara Tricarico from the Italian metalheads Temperance.

We strongly recommend to watch this epic music video and to shere it... Turn the volume up and enjoy!

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THE BLACK CAPES - All These Monsters

We are very very proud to present you the new videoclip "Now Rise" of our gothic rockers from Athens.

THE BLACK CAPES releases their hit (taken from their debut album "All These Monsters") in 360°. Click on the play button to be surrounded by their new goth rock hymn: 

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Dear Nu metal fans, we're proud to present you the new video clip "Blackout" taken from the new Smash Hit Combo double album "L33T".


You can get the new SMASH HIT COMBO album right here:

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