DUST IN MIND - Oblivion

France's most promising female fronted metal band is back with their new album... and the international press is already exalted:

★ "Masterpiece from France!" - Orkus Magazin

★ "Catchy, modern, full of Energy!" - metal.de

★ "Respect! One of the most important actors of the new generation of modern metal bands!" - Legacy Magazine

★ "They are here to win!" - Metallian Magazine

★ "Monster production!" - RCN Magazine

Dust In Mind are back and are auguring a heatwave for the upcoming spring! Whoever has thought after the great debut-album “Never Look Back” that this was all they got, will be disabused with the new firework of an album, namely “Oblivion”. Like they already have signalized in 2015 there is only one direction for the French musicians: straight forward!

We are not only presenting a new album by DUST IN MIND but rather a wholly new world full of grotesque images and stories, that put their finger directly into the wound of all those topics, that let our time in no respect seem to be less surreal than the picture that the band from Strasbourg has drawn in their new masterpiece.

“Oblivion” is full of hardness, emotion and a mixture of the genius of icons like Korn, Pain or Katatonia, and is hereby creating a sound that still is bearing the hallmarks of the French musicians. On top of that, four of the ten new tracks are accompanied by effortful and gorgeous music-videos, that nobody should miss. Like the phoenix from the ashes DUST IN MIND arise again, and are even more beautiful, louder, and more focused than ever before.

Our response to the stinging cold of the winter-months is clear: Having a party with DUST IN MIND! The new album “Oblivion” is defrosting the frozen glimbs within seconds and turns the coldest chamber into a furnace! So be prepared for the heatwave, because “Oblivion” will reach us punctually on April the 7th in 2017 digitally and as digipak with a beautiful 6-sided booklet and it will let worlds collide that couldn’t be more foreign and familiar at the same time.

You can preorder the limited digipak (with its wonderful booklet) or the digital version right here:

PS: DUST IN MIND are on tour with PAIN, catch them on the road: Dates

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