Who already has opened shows for bands like PARADISE LOST, XANDRIA, LACRIMAS PROFUNDERE or MOONSPELL and who was already managed by the HIM-Promoter Silke Yli-Sirniö, does not have to hide behind big names. At least there is no reason for the greek Gothic-Metal band SADDOLLS to do so.

Since 2006 they enrich the dark world of music and steadily evolved their style since then. After “About Darkness, “Happy Deathday” and “Grave-Party” now the fourth studio album is about to be released! With “Blood of a Kind” the greek musicians again are living things up. Dark Riffs in the style of THE 69 EYES, DEATHSTARS or the early PARADISE LOST form a gauntly beautiful atmosphere made from Gothic, Rock and Metal. Almost conjuring the voice of lead-singer George Downloved levitates above the composition and is digging deep and relentlessly into the hearts and ears of the fans. But also the brains of the listeners are not being spared; it’s not only because SADDOLLS are unleashing Zombies and other undead creatures in their fourth masterpiece, but also because again the lyrics never lose their profundity and never appear flat.

Whoever wanted to witness how puppet-masters even can raise the undead, should definitively not miss “Blood of a Kind”! A great party of a dark kind awaits!

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