The Battle of Metal, Vol. 2 - Revealing the Bands!

It was a long way to chose the best 50 tracks out of the enormous number of submissions, but now we finally got them!

Here are the 50 metal Bands which will be on our new compilation:

Deus ex Vagina, Devil-M, Smash Hit Combo, Dust In Mind, Blackest Light, Ego Get Your Gun, Astrixion, Last Satanic Divine, Moonlight Asylum, SAMARAH, VAMPIRES ON TOMATO JUICE, Adligate Band, Beyond The Dust, Renegade Alley, Break Down A Venue, Incordia, Sober Truth, Extize, Elchwut, Saint Astray, Mortal Agony, InfiNight, Spawn of Damnation, An Assfull Of Love, Eugene Rodin, Evidence of Fear, Astoryas, need2destroy, Summer Arctic, WALKYRYA, Clashman, End Of Illusion, RichtWerk, What if they Fight, Broken Vein, Beverly Hells, IROCCO, Schwarze Engel, Baryon, No Joke, True Reason, Aeronautica, Generator, Naveia, Bäd Influence, NeverKnow, Sector, Renegade, First Judgement, Dr. NICK.

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