Baryon - Inauguration Cover

BARYON is a Post-/Progressive Metal band from Bensheim, Germany. Formed in spring 2007 by Philipp Schäfer (Drums), Dimitrios Kasprzyk (Guitar), Philip Neumann (Guitar) and Alexander Neumann (Bass), BARYON was experimenting a lot and was changing its genre from a more Post Rock oriented style to a heavier Post-/Progressive Metal style during the first three years. Their sound can best be described as powerful, haunting and atmospheric. Influenced by bands such as ISIS, NEUROSIS, MASTODON and CULT OF LUNA, BARYON so uses elements of stoner rock. The band strongly utilizes jams to create songs and often combines them with newly created ideas and former discarded songs. In order to achieve higher goals, BARYON was completed in 2010 by the recruitment of singer and keyboarder Felix Schäfer. After having discarded dozens of songs, BARYON finally decided to record their first studio album in May 2012. The 7-Track full-length album “Inauguration” was released in May 2015 three years after the recording and deals with topics such as genesis, the lie of god and humanity striving for immortality. In late 2014 bass-guitar player Alexander Neumann left the band due to personal reasons and was replaced by Max Hausner. The new formation is currently working on the 2nd studio album.

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