AMORE AD LUNAM - Animal De Fuego

Step into the dark and mystical world of AMORE AD LUNAM, where shamanic melodies and haunting vocals converge in their new video and single "Animal De Fuego." Lead by the mesmerizing baritone singer and songwriter Malcolm Báez, this Gothic Metal Tribe hailing from the island of Puerto Rico presents a unique blend of gothic trap music that will transport you to the depths of their melancholic yet addictive sound.

The lyrics evoke powerful imagery, exploring themes of desire, ritual, and darkness, all wrapped in the enigmatic embrace of AMORE AD LUNAM's unique sound. The vocals are deep and dramatic, combined with razor-breaking choirs that add a layer of mystique to the song. Influenced by iconic bands like PARADISE LOST, THE 69 EYES and TYPE O NEGATIVE, AMORE AD LUNAM brings a fresh twist to the gothic music scene, infusing elements of Rock & Roll, Dark Wave, Gothic Doom, and Alternative Metal with fragments of Trip Hop.

"Animal De Fuego" is a wonderful journey through a soundscape that transcends genres, showcasing the band's versatility and creativity.

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