CATTAC - Hellea Calling


Attention all you dark and twisted souls out there! Are you ready to be consumed by the hypnotic beats of CATTAC's latest single, "Hellea Calling"? This eerie track is a deliciously evil fusion of darkwave, EBM, and industrial sounds that will send shivers down your spine and make you want to dance with the devil.

As the name suggests, "Hellea Calling" beckons you to a world ruled by feline demons - yes, you heard that right, evil cats! With their ominous meows and menacing purrs, these demonic felines will lure you into a twisted dimension where darkness reigns supreme.

But don't be afraid, for CATTAC's sinister sounds will guide you through this mystical world with ease. The hypnotic beat and haunting vocals of this dynamic duo will have you spellbound, surrendering to the darkness without a care in the world.

So if you're ready to join the cult of CATTAC and embrace your inner evil cat, then "Hellea Calling" is the perfect anthem for you. Let the music consume you and let the dark side take over. Hail the meow-sterious power of CATTAC!

Stream & download "Hellea Calling" now on

PS: CATTAC will be live at the WAVE-GOTIK-TREFFEN (Germany) and at the CASTLE PARTY (Poland) this year!

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