OCTO CRURA - Thousand Voices

🔥OCTO CURA - Thousand Voices🔥

The queens of the arachnids are back with a new banger!

All hail the arachnid queens of OCTO CRURA! Welcome to their empire… ‘Everyone can hide their dangerous side, keep their demons locked up in a cage but they will still linger on, starving for blood! Your nightmare can take on many shapes... Even the shape of a small bug. But what seems small and harmless can bite you, poison you, kill you. Nature brings life... and death. Predators and prey. Now what or who is OCTO CRURA, you may ask? Well, they are somewhere in between. Not quite human, not quite creature. Guided by their insect queens their reign has just begun! Listen closely and perhaps one day, you will discover their most terrible secret...

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