Freaky Mind
Freaky Mind
Genre Dark Electro
City Moscow
Country Russia
Since 2011


FREAKY MIND (Dark Electro - Moscow, Russia) was born in 2011 and immediately caught attention even outside Russia with their debut album ‘No More Manifests’ (2011).

The second album ‘Surrogate’ (2014) showed FM as confident artists who don’t just make good music under the flag of Dark Electro but push their boundaries even further to different genres and kinds of gothic and industrial music. Also, the second album had a bunch of powerful floorkillers such as ‘Unicorn Porn’, ‘Anticompromizer’, ‘Blogposter’, ‘Handhardcore’ – which really rocked FM crazy live shows on support of such big bands as BRUDERSCHAFT, C-LEKKTOR, FREAKANGEL and ALIEN VAMPIRES.

But FREAKY MIND didn’t want to copy themselves in the next albums and released ‘Doom’ (2018) which was full of experiments and gravitated more to Electro-Industrial than Dark Electro – with complex and atmospheric songs like ‘I Love You’, ‘No Illusions’, ‘Pet Me’, ‘By The Phone’. And the fourth album ‘Broken’ (2020) showed the world that FREAKY MIND are not just aggressive and deviant hooligans but also sensitive dark romantics who are very aware of the back side of life and love – with highly melancholic songs like ‘Downs and Downs’, ‘I Go’, ‘Blame’ and ‘My Mirror’. Then the same year the duo released two non-album singles – ‘Love is Gone’ and ‘The Reason’ (with collaborations and remixes with great European bands such as HER OWN WORLD and ALIEN VAMPIRES). Both of the singles became frequent guests on DJ-sets and parties all over the world.