LOLITA KOMPLEX - Escapism (produced by Chris Harms of LORD OF THE LOST)

After collaborating with Japanese 80ies post punk legend Zin-François Angélique from MADAME EDWARDA on their first album and recruiting none other than Mike Kelly from the godfathers of Gothic THE MISSION for their 2nd album, LOLITA KOMPLEX are proving that they are an unpredictable force in the scene to be reckoned with. Casually ignoring their 10 year anniversary because time flows differently in LOLITA KOMPLEX land, they are back with their next stroke.

Not only did Billy from punk-a-billy high-flyers KITTY IN A CASKET cowrite some of the songs, the new and third album is also produced by Goth super star Chris Harms of the hit forge LORD OF THE LOST, who also served as guest musician and provided guest vocals for the dance floor smasher ‘We’re all dead’, an instant hit that will be a club standard for decades to come.

‘Escapism’ is a LOLITA KOMPLEX typical style blend on which the band puts their stamp on everything from Gothic to Rockabilly and from Electro to Punk, tied together and elevated to new heights by the powerful signature sound of producer Chris Harms. A true match made in heaven. Slightly departing from the wacky and surreal lyrics of the past albums, ‘Escapism’ is deeper, darker and more personal. Songs about grief, rejection, disappointment and feeling lost and isolated deal with all facets of human coping mechanisms. Hence the title of the album.

Where the previous album ‘The Greatest Show On Earth’ highlighted the ‘bread and circuses’ forms of distraction, ‘Escapism’ looks deeper at the psychological roots and effects. What happens when the lights are switched off and the curtain closes?

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