Gather 'round all ye faithful to the industrial music scene, for the CIRCUIT PREACHER has arrived with a divine revelation! "Take Control" is a powerful mix of electronic body music and synthpop, a heavenly blend that will surely ignite your soul.

If you have been moved by the music of GARY NUMAN, FRONT 242, ROTERSAND and COMBICHRIST, then this single is an absolute must-listen for you. The CIRCUIT PREACHER has been blessed with a unique vision, and his music is a testament to their divine inspiration. "Take Control" is a message from above, a call to action to seize the reins of your life and make your own choices while you still have the chance. The lyrics implore us to push away the manipulations of others and take control of our own destiny.

This single is a revelation, a sonic epiphany that will take you on a spiritual electronic journey unlike any other. So come, join the congregation of the CIRCUIT PREACHER and let their music guide you towards a brighter tomorrow. "Take Control" is available now on all major streaming platforms, so don't delay, let the power of their music wash over you today!




When dark elegance meets mysticism and numbs all your senses, you can be sure that Omnimar created something special again! The album 'DARKPOP' which was released in 2021 and which got several international chart entries, combines beauty and chaos in a very unique way. All 13 songs of this masterpiece have been now remixed by several alternative scene cult bands. You’ll find wonderful remixes made by the synthpop and darkwave icons ROTERSAND, FROZEN PLASMA, ASSEMBLAGE 23, IMPERATIVE REACTION, A LIFE DIVIDED and RROYCE but also pulse driving remixes made by the electro industrial stars EXTIZE, ZARDONIC, LAZERPUNK, RUINED CONFLICT, ESA, ES23 and more.

Get ready to enter (again) an epic journey full of mysticism and fantasy!






The MonStars are back and they mutated… Brace yourself for the ultimate remix album of the year - "MonStars Remixes" by EXTIZE! This is the 1st single of this remix album, it's called "Xeno Queen" and it's a remix made by none less than ROTERSAND !

"MonStars Remixes" featuring 13 spine-tingling remixes of the original tracks from the "MonStars" concept album, EXTIZE’s tribute to your favorite horror and sci-fi movies.

Iconic bands like ZARDONIC, ROTERSAND, PROJECT PITCHFORK, LAZERPUNK, RUINED CONFLICT, OMNIMAR, ASSEMBLAGE 23, ESA, REAPER, DAWN OF ASHES, COMBICHRIST, XOTOX and BLACKBOOK have come together to create a truly unforgettable remix album. Each song has been re-imagined and remixed, taking you on a journey through the most cult horror films of all time. Get ready to dance and to bang your head one more time with the MonStars!

Stream & Download now on 👉


Get ready to rock out with the rising NDH band MORGENSTERN and their new single "Para Bellum". With an ironic twist on the lyrics, the band takes a stand against war and violence. The track speaks to the world's leaders and their obsession with power and greed.

Through powerful and thought-provoking lyrics, MORGENSTERN encourages listeners to think about the consequences of their actions and to strive for peace and unity instead. The hard-hitting beats and electrifying vocals will leave you energized and empowered to make a change.

If you're a fan of the teutonic Sound of RAMMSTEIN, MAERZFELD or EISBRECHER, you're going to love this song: Morgenstern are the newly found bloodbrothers of NDH and Industrial! Get ready to join the revolution with "Para Bellum".



After their smashing debut live shows supporting VNV NATION and a thrilling performance at the RESISTANZ FESTIVAL, BLACKBOOK is back with a brand new electrifying single called "No Way Out." This synthpop hymn is an anthem for anyone who feels trapped in a living hell, surrounded by people pretending to be doing well.

With lyrics that cut deep, "No Way Out" speaks to the daily dose of madness and shock that we all face in life. It's a powerful reminder that sometimes the only way out is to cancel your subscription to the anger and hate that surrounds you.

BLACKBOOK's signature sound is on full display in "No Way Out", this track is a perfect showcase of the band's knack for combining catchy pop hooks with darker, more brooding themes. So don't miss out on "No Way Out" – this single is guaranteed to get you dancing while also speaking to the struggles we all face in life!


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