Schwarzer Engel
Schwarzer Engel
Genre Neue Deutsche Härte
City Stuttgart
Country Germany
Since 2007


Dark creatures are flying in circle in the air, vulcans are spiting lava over the land and black smoke comes out the burning waves. The gates of the imperium „Titania“ are opening with a deep groan, welcome to the new bombastic album from SCHWARZER ENGEL!

After „Imperium I – Reich der Götter“ from 2015, the german metal-force continues the journey with its second opus „Imperium II – Titania“ , which is like a giant titan rising up from his metal realms.

Catchy melody, elaborated orchesters, dark chant and dusky drums announce the color of the album and is underlined by fusion with heavy guitar riffs and powerful fanfare.

Masterpieces like „Vater de Vampire“, „Abschied“, „Himmelwärts“ or the title-song „Titania“ prove again that SCHWARZER ENGEL can perfectly bundle dark, symphonic and gothic metal with industrial and Neue Deutsche Härte elements.

The loudspeakers will be the witnesses of a german lyrics apogee. Mastermind Dave Jason takes you to a mysterious journey with his versatile and powerful voice, that will give you the heebie-jeebie like no other band, except RAMMSTEIN, ASP, EISBRECHER (in their early days) and UNHEILIG. The level from the previous album was already high, but now, SCHWARZER ENGEL reached the masterpiece step!