Lolita KompleX
Lolita KompleX
Genre Rock
Country Austria and Malta
Since 2008


After Eve Evangel split up his previous band Sanguis et Cinis, who released 6 albums that gained cult status and were considered by some to be amongst the most influencial bands within the German gothic movement of the mid 90ies, in 2007 he decided to do something new. Inspired by Japanese music and fashion he founded Lolita KompleX together with showpiece lolita nana and guitar player Dushi to fulfill their desire to create an unique mixture of traditional Western gothic, metal and rock tunes combined with crazy Japanese impulses. It paid off. Their first shows already drew a lot of attention and helped the band gather a larger following. Word spread that Lolita KompleX are an amazing live band and their concerts - being a mixture of classic rock shows combined with circus-like cabaret and improv - are always a lot of fun. The band played at various conventions in Austria and got invitations from neighboring countries such as Germany and Hungary. After improving their sound at liveshows the band finally started recording demos for their debut album and signed a record deal with echozone in 2010. Emil joined the by then 5 member band and Lolita KompleX recorded their debut album as well as 2 music videos. "Le Cabaret des Marionnettes" was released in May 2011 and shows all different facettes of Lolita KompleX from traditional gothic, driving metal, raw punk, melancholic rock to edgy visual kei and even electro. It also features a collaboration with Japanese post punk legend "Madame Edwarda". The album got a lot of positive feedback and was received well by the alternative media calling Lolita KompleX a band on the rise. Later that year Lolita KompleX did a tour through Japan playing Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto. After the departure of the previous bassist and drummer, Polish bassplayer Loony Grotesque completed the line-up in early 2012 and the band started working on new songs and played a successfull show headlining the Visual Kei event at the renowned WAVE GOTIK TREFFEN in Leipzig. The next album is due to be released in 2013 and the band is currently in the process of recording it, but to shorten the wait Lolita KompleX already shot 2 video clips, one to be featured on their upcoming colaboration EP with psychobilly/punkrockers "Kitty in a Casket". The cover of t.A.T.u.'s "All The Things She Said" was released in January 2013.

In 2013 Lolita KompleX played appeared at the CASTLE PARTY FESTIVAL in Poland.

The band is currently working on their 2nd album.