Omnimar - Newcomer of the Month

Omnimar made it! The singer Maria is on the front and back cover of the actual Orkus Magazin between OOMPH!, Eisbrecher and Rammstein. Last but not least: they are "Newcomer of the month"! We will release their first album on october 16th, you can already preorder the CD here:

Or maybe you want to check out this amazing masterpiece first? Have a look at the preview video here:


Dust in Mind - Never Look Back

The arrival of this amazing female fronted band on the metal scene is comparable to the beginning of a triumphal march of a very few selected productions, headed towards the summit of the metal scene, to claim their place beside stars like Pain, Ministry, In This Moment, Lindemann or Lacuna Coil.

With their new debut album NEVER LOOK BACK, the female-lead five piece band from Strasbourg, France promises not only to fulfill the highest of expectations, but to surpass them. Catching melodies coupled with the most dissonant of riffs, that might be reminiscent of Hypocrisy are refined to a mixture of hardness and beauty by the angelic and vigorous voice of the female lead singer JEN. While DAM, her male counterpart at the microphone, brings those metal fans to bang their head with his dynamic growls.

We proudly present you Dust In Mind's debut album NEVER LOOK BACK:

Omnimar - Herzschlag EP

Russia's best female fronted Synthpop band Omnimar is back with this re-release of their Herzschlag EP. Maria Mar, the singer, explains in the actual Orkus Magazin that she wrote this EP after a terrible heart-attack...

Discover how rebirth sounds like on:

Summer Arctic

We proudly present the new Hard rock legends from Moscow, Russia!

The Summer Arctic musicians already played support gigs with Scorpions, Pyrogenesis, Poisonblack, Sentenced and more!

Get it now on:

The Battle of Metal, Vol. 2

The Battle of Metal is finally there. It has taken us tons of hours to chose the best submissions, since we have received such a lot of awesome stuff, but we finally made it!

Don't miss the second chapter of this awesome compilation and enjoy pure metal, discover new bands, and simply bang your head!

Get it now on:

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