AGNIS - Slavic Witch

Ladies & gentlemen, let's start a pagan ritual!

AGNIS releases her new single and video 'Slavic Witch' which is inspired by the events that occurred around Halloween 2020, when thousands of women stood up for their rights. The raw power of a woman and the strength and magic of Wicca she embodies, is what this song is about. It almost feels like being seduced into an occult dream in which one finds protection and reinforcement.

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A fiery ride to your inner sun! 

With over 10 million streams, the modern metal band DUST IN MIND from Strasbourg (France) creates a sound world filled with passion, fire and thunder! Their highly anticipated fourth album 'CTRL' is a wholehearted confirmation that the expansion of DUST IN MIND is redoubtable. By channeling their inner fury about the devastating global situation, the band succeeds to unveil a strong and sharp sound which cuts right through your emotions.

An album about courage, surrendering and the intimate process of learning about oneself whilst having to face the overwhelming pressure and torrents of feelings that seem uncontrollable and incomprehensible.

'Lost Control' which has been released before as a single, is a true masterpiece of self-exploration engulfed by electrifying melodies and thunderous rhythms. The journey continues on through pain in which resignation seems like the only option and is portrayed in the most exhilarating way. The waters of solitude start to boil and fuel the fire for 'Break' and 'Empty in which pure aggression turns into art. The band also embraces their French roots in the song 'Synapses' where one verse is delivered in their native language, changing the ambience for a moment and transporting the listener into the world of old Paris.

With each and every song DUST IN MIND climb higher and higher the ladder of unique composing, rich melodies and dark ambience to showcase their iconic personality and relentless determination as a band. 'CTRL' just like the rest of the bands' records, has been produced by no other than Damien Dausch, making the sound even more accomplished, mature and established.

Let DUST IN MIND take you on a kick ass ride through an emotional rollercoaster on November 19th. 2021 !


FALLCIE - Alone with the Beast


Ladies & gentlemen, we're proud to present you the first single of the upcoming FALLCIE album!

"Alone with the Beast" is a hard punch of reality, our Russian metalheads point a topic with both fingers to make people open the eyes. But of course, if you're a fan of female growls and heavy riffs, get ready to bang your head hard!

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SICKRET - Fatlip


"Your ego must be fed to feel strong to not break down , you think you look so damn smart , you are ridiculous!"

Friends, get ready to bang your hand hard, our Swiss Nu Metal heads SICKRET are back with the 4rd single of their new concept album! We're very proud to present you this banger which is called FATLIP. Enjoy and share 🤘

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Dear electroheads, let us present you the new single "We Are SynthAttack" of their upcoming album "Damnation"

Harsh will never die! SYNTHATTACK is back with 'Damnation' !

It's been almost two years since live concerts could take place. The isolation brought a lot of things with it, but mostly frustration and the yearning for life. And that's what SYNTHATTACK's new album 'Damnation' is all about! The band captures the doom of lockdown, the inner turmoil, the feeling of a never ending cycle to the long awaited redemption with their electronic synth sounds and thundering beats.

The band's fifth album is a roller coaster ride full of fire and electricity as heard in 'The Fire in my Veins', 'Damnation' or 'Industrial Evolution', to more melancholic sounds as heard in 'When I Suicide' and 'Dark Days' that break the sound violence with their tranquility. 'We Are SynthAttack' is a furious statement from the band, showing the listener who is standing strong at the forefront of heavy dark electro music. And once again, they've included a number of excellent remixes in which other renowned bands like X-RX, BASSCALATE, C-LEKKTOR, SYNAPSYCHE, REACTOR7X, FREAKY MIND and a featuring with TOAL contribute with their own versions of SYNTHATTACK’s songs.

18 tracks full of ecstasy through rich bass, strong vocals and incomparable melodies that make the blood in your veins flow faster! A perfect combination of dark longing, energetic and harsh tracks, which are a reflection of the current situation.

You can now preorder the album "Damnation" as limited digipak, bundle with collector shirt or download, it will be released on October 22nd. 2021:


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