Industrial Metal, Dark-Glam, Softcore and Gothic-Metal – MARILYN MANSON meets HIM!

This is exactly the soundmixture describing the four guys of PSYCHOLIES, which they combine perfektly on their new record „Inner Labyrinth“ and make it their own great style of sound.

Frontman KING leads with a dark, slighthly melancholic but yet powerfull manly voice and decides the songs atmosphere. VIGOS and FRANK bring in the clean but also very dirty guitarsounds and melodies, while PABLO shapes the music with hard drum grooves. 

By combining all of this, everything becomes one big Sound on which you can feel the positive energy floating into the creation process of the music, which is expanded towards the listener.

All of this Energy is put in by the four Italians since the founding of the band in 2014, which expands itself towards the audience by great performances, touching lyrics and great shows.

Despite the „young age“ of the band, PSYCHOLIES were able to gain a lot of stage experience since their beginning. They played the „Total Metal Festival Italy“, „TrashFest VII Helsinki“ and the „Gothic Castle Germany“, which lead towards a giant tour through all of europe.

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