The Arch
The Arch
Genre Industrial Rock
City Breendonk
Country Belgium
Since 1986


Comeback of the Belgian cult band! An atmospheric concoction of electronic and guitar-sounds characterizes a unique style of floating elegies and driving post-punk. Caution: addictive!

That Belgium has been an epicentre of alternative music production for years, has hardly remained unnoticed to the experts, but still only few bands have managed to let ascend their hits to sustainable evergreens. Not The Arch who for years have been well established on dark-wave-events with their hits “Babsi ist tot” and “Ribdancer”.

With their style THE ARCH create an unmistakable blend of energetic Post-rock guitars, atmospheric, electronic Dark wave-elements, dynamic Electronic body music basslines and touching vocals; an interplay of different ingredients, that are capable to truly mesmerize the listener.

But the band is able to excite their fans not only out of the studio. The Belgians confidently present their catchy tunes on the international stages, such as the M'era Luna Festival, Blackfield Festival, Wave-Gotik-Treffen and on tour with icons such as Peter Murphy, The Mission or Clan of Xymox.

THE ARCH are finally back with their highly anticipated album "Fates", which contains 13 new songs, which show the versatility of the band. "Fates" takes us on a journey to the alternative music-culture, in which the power and intensity of the interaction between guitar-driven and electronic music is once again made visible!