Genre Dark Wave
City Athens
Country Greece
Since 2007


SadDoLLs is a Greek Darkwave Metal band from Athens, Greece. One year after the self-release of the demo EP "Dead In The Dollhouse" back in 2007, SadDoLLs are found again in the studio to record what would become their first full lenght debut album called "About Darkness". The debut album was released by Emotion Art Music in 2009. Later the band signed with the Italian record label "Lunatic Asylym Records" to release the second studio album called "Happy Deathday". Immediately the management and the promotion for "Happy Deathday" was handled by Silke Yli-Sirnio (Ex-HIM manager, P.R at Nuclearblast Records) and really fast the first single "Bloodred" was included in Sonic Seducer's compilation album which sold 60.000 copies in Germany.

Later in 2012, the band had the honour to play a small HIM tribute concert with Juska Salminen aka Zoltan Pluto (Ex-HIM keyboardist) appearing behind the band's keyboards. In mid 2013 the band signed with the German booking agency "Schoelcke Promotions" and in the end of 2013 SadDoLLs appeared for the first time outside Greece at Dark Storm festival in Germany. The band has shared the same stage with bands such as: Paradise Lost,The 69 Eyes, Moonspell, Lacrimas Profundere, VNV Nation, Blutengel, Gothminister, Star Industry, Mono Inc. & Xandria.

The band has also studio collaborated with members from bands like Scar Symmetry, To/Die/For, Mandragora Scream etc. The new upcoming album "Grave Party" will be published by the Finnish record label Inverse Records in April 2014 with a release of the first single "Lady Cry" in March.In addition, the new album will feature Skinny Disco from the Swedish band "Deathstars".