Musicum Theatrum
Musicum Theatrum
Genre Rock


Musicum Theatrum arose from musicians of Mannheimer Rocktheater e.V. that has devoted itself to the subject of “Rock Musical” since 1996. The original idea has been - and still is - to perform music in combination with drama and in the past also with dancing acts.

Previous productions among other things have been “Brückenkarl”, “Thor”, “Enomis” and “Mannemer Dreck”. Music, screenplay and choreography came from our own pen. Writing the story, composing, acting rehearsals, choreography, make up, designing costumes and finally connecting everything logistically perfect always has been a challenge to the whole band.

While the hard core remained the same during several years, some co-musicians have changed from production to production. This is why there have been many different new influences, which led to the Band’s further development. This is how Musicum Theatrum came into being and ended up with Gothic Rock.

The new Rock Musical or rather Gothical is stylistically far off the previous projects and now belongs to the field of Gothic Rock. Therefore we nowadays call it Gothical instead of Rock Musical. From this, the necessity of a new band name resulted. From now on we called ourselves Musicum Theatrum. The Mannheimer Rocktheater e.V. will remain as an association of general benefit.

At Musicum Theatrum musician and actor are united in one person. Every musician also plays the part of a figure in the play. The audience will be abducted into a mystic thrilling world out of exciting Gothic Rock Rhythms, wonderful melodies, songs of several voices, accompanied on bagpipes, scrutibox and davul.