Model Depose
Model Depose
Genre Synth Pop


Model Depose are the New Romantics of the present time. The newwave and synthpop inspired popsongs fuse with techno, electro and rock elements. Distinct, emotion-filled vocals and solid, contrastive compositions give Model Depose their original, recognizable, leading identity.

Their music draws you into a world of intense emotions; inspired by melancholia and hope. When performing live, Model Depose succeeds into transferring these feelings onto their audience. In 2015 they were welcomed with anticipation at their first shows in United Kingdom and Belgium.

After the debut EP ‘Untitled’ and a booming show in the finals of Cortonville’s talent show Demodock, the band released the ‘Nightwatch’ EP. Model Depose started a successful crowdfunding to produce their debut album ‘Splitting Light’, which is ready to be released in Europe.

In the meantime, a new single was released in November: ‘Particles’. The lyrics, glitch synthesizers and danceable outro were inspired by the art of Peter Struycken, called ‘VARA’. The song was initiated by the Groninger Museum, who requested Model Depose to write a song for a work of art from their permanent collection.