Genre Neue Deutsche Härte


Welcome to the New Russian Supremacy. EISENWUT is what remains when all hope is gone. A swooning Europe, set to the tone of a musical apocalypse. A firestorm unleashed, born under pain in a harsh Russian winter, fed by hate and way too powerful to remain in hiding any longer. This terror is off its leash now. And will leave nothing but devastation in the marching rhythm of a new age.

For a long time now, the term “Neue Deutsche Härte” is nothing but a husk devoid of meaning, bereft of its old glory in the face of an embarrassingly styled army of shameless copycats. It is high time for a new god, a new ruler opposing the slavish obedience of the countless epigones by scouring the earth with a swath of utter destruction. This is neither a vision nor an educated guess. It is already set in stone. The dawn of a new age begins with EISENWUT. And her call to arms will be devastating. No one will escape it, soon the rulers of yesterday will be put up against the wall. The rest will march into their ruin to the heavy beat of the ursurpers. You don’t hear riffs here. You hear the thundering sound of a Katyusha violating the soil. This is not about false modesty. This is a megalomania even trumping Trump. EISENWUT are not here to prove anything. They are here to claim power, to lead the long due changing of the guard by becoming the ever determined messengers of a new epoch.

Discovered and supported by no one less than NACHTMAHR’s supreme commander Thomas Rainer, the horror made flesh of the Industrial world, EISENWUT rises like a phoenix from the ashes. Its armor is as thick as its message is explicit: Oppose them and you will be trampled to dust by a phalanx of majestic splendor and military dominance. Forged in the frostbitten solitude of Mother Russia, EISENWUT on their power-hungry debut “Die Herrschaft der Leere” (“Reign of the Void”) amalgamate the ruthless supremacy of Neue Deutsche Härte with the monumental megalomania of Russian military marches to an unheard-of spectacle that will set hearts aflame and get feet moving.

EISENWUT: five loyal sound soldiers, united in their will for victory and in their mission to clad the world in their musical fire. Russian Military Industrial clashes with Neue Deutsche Härte, the euphoria of a new world power unites with the merciless thrust of an army on the eve of war. And when Thomas Rainer himself puts his apocalyptic and war-mongering rhetoric into the service of the detonating grenade of a song called “Weltordnung”, victory is theirs. The first battle is won. The war for supremany, though, has only just begun. Duck and cover, hide under the skirts of your mothers. EISENWUT will spare no one.