Hellcome to AMORE AD LUNAM from Florida!

We are very proud to announce that this awesome gothic metal band from Orlando joined the darkTunes family!

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The new album is in progress, but we invite you to listen to the last 3 singles we've released a few months ago:


Ladies and gentlemen, here it is, the last Smash Hit Combo music video of their actual album L33T!

Enjoy this closing "L33T" chapter and be ready for the next album of our nu metal heads (which is already in progress), and don't forget to get L33T here:


Ladies and gentlemen, tonight will be full moon and we've the perfect video clip to get you in the Halloween mood!

We proudly present the new music video of our Greek goth rockers THE BLACK CAPES: "Wolfchild" is taken from their actual album "All These Monsters". Enjoy!

Get the actual album ALL THESE MONSTERS here:

DUST IN MIND - From Ashes To Flames

The pulse is rising, flames are blazing: Pure adrenaline flows through the veins und the metal, DUST IN MIND use to infuse their grooving melodies and heavy riffs, sparks. Society faces its end, a rough breeze blows – in the words of DUST IN MIND, “This Is The End”. The musicians from France release the ideal Soundtrack: Like a fenix rising from the ashes, the Frenchmen shake off the dust and flood the ear canals with modern metal and present their new album: “From Ashes To Flames”!

Electronic sounds and industrial influences, allowing the comparison to PAIN, going deep under the skin and combining with sharp guitars to a groovy cocktail, that almost tends to explode because of the energy and dynamics DUST IN MIND put into their songs. “From Ashes To Flames“ thrills your nerves in a special kind of way – passionate, wild, hard and without any compromises.

Brachial growls meet the sensual vocals of a strong power woman – a mixture, as good as scene idols like ARCH ENEMY with whom the group already shared the stage. DUST IN MIND face the fears of mankind and lead the listener straight through its doom into a new world. They do not close their eyes towards the problems of the society today: Their songs deal with emotional ups and downs and do not exclude important issues like the protection of environment. Without raising a warning finger, DUST IN MIND wrap their messages into exciting hooks and catchy melodies: Already the opener „From Ashes To Flames” charts a clear course with its laid-back drums and low guitars, the singers’ voices join the memorable rhythm – a song with hit potential, just like the following “This Is The End”. The punchy sound à la KORN on „Open Your Eyes”, the smooth and spherical “Grandma”: DUST IN MIND turn the whole scene upside down and light a fire you cannot quench no more!

A truly hot and melodic ride that makes the sparks fly rapidly!

Get thus wonderful new album now as limited digipak, download or stream here:

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Hellcome to DARKCELL from Australia!

We are very proud to announce that this incredible industrial metal band from Australia joined the darkTunes family!

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The new album is in progress, we invite you to have a listen to their previous work:

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