Ladies & gentlemen, we are very proud to say welcome to a new band in the darkTunes family! We will release the first single "Little Red" of this great dark electro rock duo from Germany next week (Friday, December 21st), such as their debut album "Let Us Fall Together" on January 11st.

Hypnotic beats quicken the pulse, dark electro sounds touch the soul’s depths and a striking voice gives the command: “Let Us Fall Together” is the new album of CATTAC! For twelve songs, the two felines Helm and Chris lead into eternal darkness. Stoical electro, industrial and dark pop rhythms heat up the atmosphere until there’s the call: “Cannot Stop”! At the same time sound aesthetic synthesizer evoke the famous Nineties’ feeling when Dark Wave bands just as COVENANT, SKINNY PUPPY or DEPECHE MODE as well as groups from other genres like TYPE O NEGATIVE or SISTER OF MERCY.

Inspired by the ghosts of those glorious times, the music of CATTAC balances between and beyond any borders and inhibitions. Rocking and electronic at the same time, the musicians touch with intelligent texts, flirt with electro, industrial, dark pop and dark wave, but open the genre beyond the borders. Thereby, the band pays tribute to their greatest heroes: Besides their own compositions, “Let Us Fall Together” also comes with a Cover of SENTENCED’s “The Suicider” from 1998. “We only showed a small part of our variety and skills”; states Helm. “With the forthcoming album, we will show what we really are able to!”

With „Let Us Fall Together” the duo makes a decisive step forward and prepares for the attack – Cat Attack, CATTAC. Sleepless nights beyond time in loneliness and silence or vivid hours in the club: The new album of CATTAC shines as bright and brilliant as its producers and changes cat-like between the moods. It’s a good decision to keep eyes and ears wide open in the darkness: Not all cats are grey by night.

The preorder just started:


We are proud to present you the latest video clip and music video of the gothic rock project AMORE AD LUNAM.

AMORE AD LUNAM is a “Gothic Metal Tribe” emerged from the island of Puerto Rico, lead by baritone singer and songwriter Malcolm Báez. Their shamanic, melancholic yet addictive sound consists of powerful riffs, melodic lead guitars, resonating keyboards and the drumbeats possess compelling vintage rhythmic variations. The vocals are deep mixed with dramatic and razor-breaking choirs.

Enjoy these 2 great videos and turn the volume up!

The new album is in progress, but we invite you to listen to the last 3 singles we've released a few months ago:

THE SILVERBLACK - Rain on a Wedding Day


The third album is usually a career-defining one and knowing this THE SILVERBLACK focused all their efforts into shaping what can be considered a majestic piece of melancholic industrial-metal art.

There's an eerie sense of oppression and resignation cloaking every song of this monumental new album, adequately entitled "Rain On A Wedding Day", starting from the opener "Stillborn", a disenchanted portrait of the frailty of the human condition, the somber industrial goth of "Disappear"or the solemn funeral march of "Martyr", a forelorn anthem that closes what can be considered THE SILVERBLACK at their darkest so far.

There's place of course for the usual industrial-metal ragers THE SILVERBLACK are known for, like the payback hymn "Smoke And Mirrors", the electro hammer of "Rebel Avant-Garde" or the chant to the end of days represented by "Your World Is Gonna Burn". The lyrics for the title track have been written the exact day the news of David Bowie's passing was given and while being musically influenced by a distinctive 80's pop rock mood it represents an homage to the concept of living life on your own terms.

The vocal textures are as usual extremely multi-layered, going from deep goth voices to extremely irate death metal shouts, while the lyrical themes deal about negativity, decadence, anger and the complete loss of hope, representing a faithful mirror of the times in which we are living.

You can get the new album RAIN ON A WEDDING DAY now as CD or download here:


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Ladies & Gentlemen, it's time to bang your head!

The new single "Nightmare" of LOGICAL TERROR is out now. Our Italian metalheads present their new style and new line up with Simone Clementi at the second rhythm 8 strings shredder and Warren Gnudi behind drums. Turn the volume up and enter the nightmare!

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