Ladies & gentlemen, EXTIZE's new video clip is out now! Be ready for the most electro-industrial western film ever! The song LAWLESS GRINGO is taken from the new EXTIZE album REDNECK INDUSTRIAL.

Enjoy and don't forget to share and like the video, and of course, to get a copy of the new album!

PS: They will be on tour with PROJECT PITCHFORK and REAPER from september till december, here are the DATES.



DOLLS OF PAIN - A SILENCE IN MY LIFE: France’s most successful dark-electro band is back with its sixth studio album!

The name is deceptive: « A Silence In My Life » is everything else but quiet, full of powerful EBM basslines, addictive synthesizer melodies, aggressive distorted vocals and mighty industrial beats. DOLLS OF PAIN have placed another mile stone on the big wall of dark electro without using the usual standards. This new album brings up new dimensions within the genre and a stunning amount of creativity!

For DOLLS OF PAIN there’s no more reason to hide from bands like SUICIDE COMMANDO, GRENDEL or HOCICO. The quality of their productions has increased steadily year by year since the creation of the trio in 2003 in the course of their countless international live shows.

The 15 new songs by this french music factory have each their own character and the delight they give is comparable to a mature red wine from the homeland of these gifted musicians. Everything is present on this album from low-tempo till dancefloor fillers! « A Silence In My Life » is an album that penetrates your head and heart instantly and leaves a lasting impression.

You can get the new album A SILENCE IN MY LIFE here:


Dear nu metal, rap metal, hardcore and 90s metal fans, the third preview of the new album SICKRET - HYPOCRITICAL (Release: Sept. 30th. 2016) is online

You can get the new album HYPOCRITICAL here:


Darkness is falling, the streets are empty and a rumbling bass roars out of a club in the industrial park. As you enter the club you see a furious mob of party people with their adrenaline pushed to the limit fed by the bass and the bawling synthesizers. This happens when SYNTHATTACK conquers the clubs!

Between many shows and live support for Agonoize and NOISUF-X, the dark electro duo made it to the final of the M'era Luna Newcomer Contest 2016. After their successful debut album "To The Floor" which is has been played all over clubs the duo from Hanover, Germany is ready for its second assault named "Club Takeover". The title says it all, SYNTHATTACK continues their nightlife conquest and nobody will resist the dancefloor earthquake triggered by their 17 new tracks.

This new secret weapon in the Dark Electro, Industrial and EBM section is also equipped with powerful remixes from scene icons like C-LEKKTOR, REAPER or CHAINREACTOR. Their darkTunes label mates BINARY DIVISION, SUPPRESSOR, ANTIBODY and SYSTEM NOIRE take part as well.

« Club Takeover »is available as limited 4-sided digipack with an 8 pages booklet. A must have for all fans of hard electro music!

You can get the new album CLUB TAKEOVER here:


SICKRET - HYPOCRITICAL (Release: Sept. 30th. 2016)

Imagine Limp Bizkit, Biohazard, Slipknot, CLAWFINGER and Sick Of It All would spent a holiday in Switzerland to produce a new album together. It would surely be a dream that is coming true for every fan of 90s Nu Metal/Rap Metal and modern Hardcore Metal. What if we would tell you, that this dream (nearly) became true and that the new album “Hypocritical” of the swiss band SICKRET sounds exactly like this?

Hard and merciless the riffs are hammering their way through the Swiss Alps: Since the founding of the band in 2010, SICKRET has played over 100 shows in 6 countries, where they convince their fans with dynamic songwriting and awesome stage presence. SICKRET are masters of the Nu Metal-, Crossover- and Hardcore-Genre, and show the audience how this mixture should sound nowadays.

After their success in the “KUFA Hardcore CUP”, where the four guys won against numerous other bands, more concerts were following, where SICKRET were sharing the stage with bands like SICK OF IT ALL, PRO PAIN - OFFICIAL PAGE, Skindred (official), Breakdown of Sanity, Aborted, First Blood and more. After the band released their debut-album “Pointless Appendix”, which was widely appreciated, SICKRET received an EMP Support-Deal in 2014, and, only one year later, a tour in Cuba and a tour in Eastern Europe was following, just like many single shows inside and outside of Switzerland.

On September 30th 2016 SICKRET will finally be back with their new album “Hypocritical”, so be prepared for a new climax of the Hardcore- and Nu Metal-Genre!

Enjoy the return in the 90s !!!

You can the new album HYPOCRITICAL here:

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