Gothic Music Orgy, Vol.3

☆ 50 bands ☆ all gothic music genres ☆ one compilation ☆

The darkest compilation is entering the next round! Once again, the darkness is about to crawl into your speakers, bringing the beauty of dark music of all genres directly to your ears! 

Gothic Music Orgy, Vol. 3, that means a fine selection of 50 Tracks of everything, which the world of gothic music has to offer: From harsh electronic beats, awesome riffs to sounds of melancholy, the compilation is packed with the whole repertoire!

From batcave to Neue Deutsche Härte, from Dark Electro to Futurepop (Future Pop) and from Gothic metal to New wave music.

Amongst them there are contributions and exclusive tracks from EXTIZE, Shiv-R, Omnimar, Dust In Mind, SynthAttack, Binary Division, Devil-M, Seelennacht and many more. So come and celebrate with us and let the year start with an orgy!

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Get ready for the hardest party of all times!

But, how to party the right way? If you believe the words of the french musicians from BOARS, you need the obligatory amount of fun and… wait! Gallows?

Nothing else is proposed by the title of their new masterpiece “There will be parties, there will be fun, there will be gallows for everyone”. That this is not meant in terms of gallows humor, but rather executes the antagonism of fun and earnestness that literally belongs to the bon ton of the five musicians: Where effectively placed electronic elements in the style of CELLDWELLER and shredding guitars combine to a tonal masterpiece, you know that a new era of electro/punk and crossover has begun.

What the icons of LINKIN PARK started to implement cautiously, when they began to combine electronic elements and guitar-sounds, is reassembled by BOARS with such consequence and efficiency that has no peer since the founding of the band in 2013. Carried by the catchy vocals and relentless screams of Maxime Keller (Frontman of SMASH HIT COMBO) the songs guarantee to be earworms.

Long story short: The music approaches bloody serious topics and in the same time promises to be ineffable fun! After two EPs that were released in the last years, the debut-album couldn’t have a more fitting name. “There will be parties, there will be fun, there will be gallows for everyone” is released solely digital on December 15th and by now is already worth to be called the future of Electro/Punk and Crossover. Whoever is ready to catch a glimpse in the future beyond the gallows should not miss the new album of BOARS!

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Logical Terror

LOGICAL TERROR and darkTunes wish you a good start in the week and say "welcome aboard" to Claudio Corvo Mulas at the guitar.

Claudio already joined the band during some live shows, and from now will bring new blood, energy, and forces in the project.

Check this cool Guitar Playthrough for the song 'Nowhere To Nowhere' out, taken from the last release 'Ashes Of Fate'!

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LAUFDERZEIT - Zeitapokalypse

It's not a secret any more that Neue Deutsche Härte bands like RAMMSTEIN are very successful in Russia. But now, the russians of LAUFDERZEIT are changing the rules: Neue Deutsche Härte is dead, now it's called Neue Russische Härte!

LAUFDERZEIT from St. Petersburg are conquering the world with hard guitar riffs, burning punchlines and epic melodies! Their first attack is called "Zeitapokalypse" and it doesn't need to hide behind genre headliners like OST+FRONT, EISBRECHER, MEGAHERZ, OOMPH! and co. 

Don't miss this masterpiece of Neue Deutsche... Sorry, we mean Neue Russische Härte!

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Gothic Music Orgy, Vol. 3

50 bands, all gothic music genres, 1 compilation! 

Thank you very much to all the bands which sent us their songs. We've got more than 500 entries this time, it's simply amazing! Trust us, it was really really hard to pick the 50 best songs out...

Of course, we will do more gothic music orgy compilations, so if we didn't chose you now, please try again for the next one.

darkTunes wish you a good listening and watching, don't forget to preorder the compilation so you can already download 3 songs before the release date (Nov. 18th. 2016).

Here are the winners:

Adam is a Girl + Antibody + Ashes'N' Android + At0shima 3rr0r + Atomic Neon + Aurora + BASSZILLA + Binary Division + Cima Muta + Cold Therapy + Crayven + Dark Side Eons + Deus Ex Vagina + Device Noize + Devil-M + Divamee + DJversion666 + Dust In Mind + Electro Fear + EXTIZE + False Memories + Finkseye + Fourth Circle + Hate Of Shadows + Infernal Noize + Klockenhouzer + Larva + Laufderzeit + Logical Terror + MoonScar feat. Devil-M + NDN + No Trust In Dawn + Nordstaat + Omnimar + Rio Black & Band + Riot Legion + RockRelikt + Saint Astray + Seelennacht + Shiv-R + St Zion + Suppressor + SynthAttack + System Noire + T[ERROR] + T3rr0r 3rr0r + Touch The Spider! + Turm & Strang + U-Manoyed + Wintermond

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