Back from the dead? Hard to decide, for these four undead motherfuckers have never been fully extinct. They return with a vengeance, offering another audible assault which will strain the ears of the sophisticated listener. Merging Black Metal, Synth Pop, Rock'n'Roll with a slight dose of..........FUCK YOU.........who gives a shit!!!!!

The new 3 track EP „The Driving Dead“ will be nothing short of pure brilliance! The conceptual EP tells an epic tale of life changing proportion. Forget philosophers like Hobbes or Nietzsche! This time it s not man versus man. It's man versus … well, zombies … on Harleys ... and talking muscle cars. Experience this V8 infused, gasoline smelling masterpiece on a stereo near you.

Founded in 2012 DEUS EX VAGINA always had the vision to do whatever they want musically and not let any boundaries keep them from following their rotten hearts. With Blisskrieg they released their first full length album, containing 10 tracks of what they call „Zombie-flavoured Glamor Death“. A very well received first output from these extraordinary boring individuals. But check for yourselfs since they released a bunch of dilettant clips on youtube, including a somehow critically acclaimed video for the anthem „New Age Voyeurism“

But now it's time to fasten your seatbelts, since the time has come to celebrate the birth of a new age of musical awesomeness. Start your engines, it's time to race against The Driving Dead! Try to stay alive to witness their induction into the Rock'n'Roll Hall of Fame!

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You are in a metal band? We are looking for great metal tracks (Death metal, Thrash metal, Groove metal, Power metal, Metalcore, Nu metal, Heavy metal, Folk/Pagan/Viking/Black Metal, all kinds of metal music!) for our new compilation "The Battle of Metal Vol. 4"

Send us your best track at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Deadline: March, 5th. 2017


The sampler will be distributed and promoted in more than 300 mp3 stores and streaming services world wide, so thousand of metal heads on the world will listen to your music! 

 We are excited to listen to your sound! Horns up and let’s fight!


PS: last but not least, it won’t cost you anything! 

PS 2: You can download "The Battle of Metal Vol. 3 » here:






Ladies & gentleman, here is the world wide first preview of the upcoming Smash Hit Combo album "L33T" which will be released as double album on April 21st... More news about this very very very special album are coming soo, but for the moment, turn the volume up and enjoy this preview.

The preordering will start next month, so if you can't wait, you can get their discography here:

DAVEY SUICIDE - Made From Fire

From Holywood to UnHolywood!

When evolution is visible somewhere in the world, it is most likely letting us catch a glimpse in the world of music. But if evolution makes a quantum leap now and then, DAVEY SUICIDE gives us an example of its own class. Industrial Rock, that seems to be wholly redefined, yet drawing a line from MARILYN MANSON over IN THIS MOMENT towards DEATHSTARS and more; the music of the Shock-Rockers of California couldn’t be described better: It is the next step of evolution in Industrial Rock!

Since 2010 DAVEY SUICIDE are striving through music-business and did already make an impression from the beginning on by playing several big shows in Hollywood. Some attention from the original LINKING PARK-Manager, Listings in the Top-50 World-Rockstars-Rating in Kerrang-Magazine, countless other entries in lots of magazines and a whole lot of shows and tours are only the tip of the iceberg.

Now DAVEY SUICIDE are back and are firing up the ears and hearts of their fans with their third studio-album “Made from Fire”. Fiery are not only the relentless riffs and vocals, but also the artwork of the new masterpiece. So, whoever is a fan of MARILYN MANSON and co. and has wished for a harder sound without loss of creativity, will be amazed by the new album of DAVEY SUICIDE.

Preorder the new album "Made From Fire" now (release on March 24th.):


Be ready for anarchy, be ready for pure evil, be ready for pure rock&roll, be ready for The Driving Dead!

Preorder the new Deus ex Vagina​ EP now (release on February 17th.):

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