DUST IN MIND - Oblivion

Again the time has come to blow up the dust, until there is no stone left standing!

We are very proud to present you the new video clip "Get Out" of DUST IN MIND. This song is taken from the upcoming album "Oblivion" which will be released on April 7th..

“Oblivion” is full of hardness, emotion and a mixture of the genius of icons like KORN, PAIN or KATATONIA, and is hereby creating a sound that still is bearing the hallmarks of the french musicians. On top of that, four of the ten new tracks are accompanied by effortful and gorgeous music-videos, that nobody should miss. Like the phoenix from the ashes DUST IN MIND arise again, and are even more beautiful, louder, and more focused than ever before.

You can preorder the limited digipak (with its wonderful booklet) or the digital version right here:

DUST IN MIND - Oblivion

Ladies & gentlemen, darkTunes is very proud to present you the new album "Oblivion" of our french metal heads Dust In Mind. Just click on the song titles to play the preview tracks and to enter in the weird and dystopian world of DUST IN MIND.

We will release "Oblivion" on April 7th., you can preorder the limited digipack (with its wonderful booklet) or the digital version right here:


With steam towards the future of Steam-Punk!

Where aesthetics meets hard riffs and the wondrous worlds of retro-futurism are not only find expression visually but also in music, it is the place where POISON GARDEN are inviting their fans to a special journey: With their debut album “A Victorian Carol” the Italian musicians that are supported by the Wacken-Foundation have managed to serve us a soundtrack of a whole sub-culture, that is both retrospective and futuristic.

The world that is presented to the listeners by the Romans is characterized by shredding guitars that, together with the powerful yet hauntingly beautiful voice of front-woman and bassist Anais Noir, is merging to a masterpiece that has no equal. A mélange of industrial sounds, orchestral-bourlesque elements and pure Metal is capable to fascinate real Metal-fans as well as Steampunk-enthusiasts.

Even if the fans of our time rather pick up some other instruments to play their media than a gramophone: This new release shouldn’t be missed by anybody! So, even if it seems that POISON GARDEN are from another period of time, their debut-album “A Victorian Carol” is out now!

Get the new POISON GARDEN album "A Victorian Carol" now:


With a steely riff, hypnotic beats and distorted vocals that barely betray earthly origins, V2A​ open the eternal gates to the underworld, and with their new album ‘Heretic’, ring in the soundtrack to the planet’s downfall!

Morbidly threatening visions of abnormal worlds appear before your inner eye as the German/British project ruminates on Valhalla and gradually sets you into a trance. The apocalyptic sound constructions, produced by the two creative heads Kevin Stewart (alias 304) and Ines Lehmann (alias 306), oscillate between EBM and industrial, enriched by dystopian technoid sounds.

‘Heretic’ comes across as being extremely hard, yet more focused, targeted and cinematic than anything that came before. V2A undergo constant evolution, moving in a maelstrom of innovative energies. With ‘Heretic’, they will once again conquer the black cyber temples of the Earth’s kingdom, leaving them in dust and ashes.

Those who were able to experience V2A on their previous tours, where they supported greats such as suicide commando​, Combichrist​, Funker Vogt​ and NACHTMAHR​, will know what sort of hot steel these ambitious machine builders produce. ‘Heretic’ is the impressive foundation stone for their future. Mad Max​ would be really proud of them!

Get the new V2A album "Heretic" now:

DAVEY SUICIDE - Made From Fire

From Holywood to UnHolywood!

When evolution is visible somewhere in the world, it is most likely letting us catch a glimpse in the world of music. But if evolution makes a quantum leap now and then, DAVEY SUICIDE gives us an example of its own class. Industrial Rock, that seems to be wholly redefined, yet drawing a line from MARILYN MANSON over IN THIS MOMENT towards DEATHSTARS and more; the music of the Shock-Rockers of California couldn’t be described better: It is the next step of evolution in Industrial Rock!

Since 2010 DAVEY SUICIDE are striving through music-business and did already make an impression from the beginning on by playing several big shows in Hollywood. Some attention from the original LINKING PARK-Manager, Listings in the Top-50 World-Rockstars-Rating in Kerrang-Magazine, countless other entries in lots of magazines and a whole lot of shows and tours are only the tip of the iceberg.

Now DAVEY SUICIDE are back and are firing up the ears and hearts of their fans with their third studio-album “Made from Fire”. Fiery are not only the relentless riffs and vocals, but also the artwork of the new masterpiece. So, whoever is a fan of MARILYN MANSON and co. and has wished for a harder sound without loss of creativity, will be amazed by the new album of DAVEY SUICIDE.

Preorder the new album "Made From Fire" now (release on March 24th.):

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