Who already has opened shows for bands like PARADISE LOST, XANDRIA, LACRIMAS PROFUNDERE or MOONSPELL and who was already managed by the HIM-Promoter Silke Yli-Sirniö, does not have to hide behind big names. At least there is no reason for the greek Gothic-Metal band SADDOLLS to do so.

Since 2006 they enrich the dark world of music and steadily evolved their style since then. After “About Darkness, “Happy Deathday” and “Grave-Party” now the fourth studio album is about to be released! With “Blood of a Kind” the greek musicians again are living things up. Dark Riffs in the style of THE 69 EYES, DEATHSTARS or the early PARADISE LOST form a gauntly beautiful atmosphere made from Gothic, Rock and Metal. Almost conjuring the voice of lead-singer George Downloved levitates above the composition and is digging deep and relentlessly into the hearts and ears of the fans. But also the brains of the listeners are not being spared; it’s not only because SADDOLLS are unleashing Zombies and other undead creatures in their fourth masterpiece, but also because again the lyrics never lose their profundity and never appear flat.

Whoever wanted to witness how puppet-masters even can raise the undead, should definitively not miss “Blood of a Kind”! A great party of a dark kind awaits!

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darkTunes is very proud to announce our new signing The Black Capes!

They are from Athens, Greece, and if you like bands like Type O Negative, The 69 Eyes, The Sisters of Mercy or The Mission, we certify that you will love them!

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Since the birth of INCORDIA the brothers in arms, marching under the banner of their shieldmaid and frontwoman Kari, continuously strived for more. While their journey started on the small stages of local clubs in front of a handful of bystanders, they soon conquered bigger and bigger venues and festivals, allowing them to share the stage with several well-known bands from the pagan- and extreme-metal-scene.

Just like a hammer smiting steel and letting the anvil tremble, the necks of their fans are shaking when witnessing the amalgamation of merciless melodic-death-metal with legends of the northern lore. Just as it was before, so it will be again when the world bears witness to the release of their second studio album. “The Talon-Elder” once again intertwines the brutality of war with the forlornness and sorrow of those left begin, topped off by stories of the moods of the Aesir. All this comes packed into ten new tracks recorded in the legendary Kohlekeller-Studios. The scourging screams of frontwoman Kari, accentuated by ripping guitar riffs and the deep growls of guitarist Lee bring the atmosphere directly to the listeners homes and lets them witness the mayhem of battle themselves.

The ten tracks of “The Talon-Elder”, including the single “Hymn Of The Asagods”, premiered in 2016, will be released in a premium jewel case with an 8-page booklet. It will be filled with the lyrics to all the songs, combined with evocative drawings by Janosch and Jamaika Rudigier.

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DAVEY SUICIDE - Made From Fire

This is not a drill. Judgement day is upon us. With the recent election of Trump, the world is rapidly becoming a non-stop media circus with no end in site. It’s time for a counter-strike. It has to be loud, angry and unapologetic. If not, the medicated people will remain glued to their screens instead of finding something they are excited about again. Davey Suicide is quickly taking the torch from his predecessors and declaring war on conformism, conservatism and prudery with a little help of sex, drugs and mighty Rock’n’Roll.

The world needs more freaks, and excitement. More reasons to get out of bed each morning and luckily, Davey Suicide has created 14 mind crushing tracks on their massive outing entitled “Made from Fire”. What took these sexy vagabonds so long to cross the ponds and to conquer the old world is a great question. At this point, it doesn’t matter when they arrived, but that they are finally here! In no time, they will ignite Europe into flames as they have done in the United States, where they have been heralded as the new messiah of the lost generation.  The upcoming lascivious poster boys of a new Rock world are directly being regarded as the new shit. Period. Occasions to succumb to this most infamous of all musical genres have been sparse in recent years. Rock wasn’t dead but clearly needed a facelift. Then Davey Suicide showed up and shifted things from one extreme to another in no time flat. 

Make Rock and Roll great again? You bet! Davey Suicide incorporates the anarchistic bite of a young Marilyn Manson with the stadium feel of Bring Me The Horizon and the epic melodies reminiscent of In This Moment. Mix this barefaced sex appeal and season the wild broth with borderline extremism and danger like the unforgotten Glam Rock heroes of the eighties did and you have, Davey Suicide.  This creative force, hailing from the dirty back alleys of Hollywood, includes Drayven Davidson, Needlz, Niko Gemini, and Derek Obscura.  They have become a larger than life phenomenon with a hunger for huge stages, tainted parties, and the purest form of excess. We don’t have much left that’s truly ours these days.  A record as special as “Made from Fire”, is a bold reminder that life is more than just bad news. Get out to the streets, be loud, go wild and have something to believe in!

There is a primordial force running though this band, a momentum that feels like it’s going to hit like a Tsunami. Europe’s days are over, Davey Suicide is here to stay. To erect a new kingdom of torching wrath, industrial destruction, passionate melodies, tons of charisma and a tough attitude only allowing one conclusion: If there’s one Rock band out there the world really, really needs right now, it’s Davey Suicide.

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OMNIMAR - Out Of My Life

Ladies & gentlemen, OMNIMAR are back with a powerful new album! It's called "Poison" and will be released on May 19th as limited digipak and download.

We are proud to present you a preview of these 11 new tracks, be ready to enter a wonderful and dark world! You can preorder it now on

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