The Russian electro queen is back… and she is very angry!!!

OMNIMAR present their new EP and music video “Anger” and are showing us a complete other side of the band. Their usual futurpop arsenal had to stay in the shadow to make place for a powerful mix of EBM and death rave on this new EP. “Anger” shows us the dark side of OMNIMAR but with the typical ironical face of the band. Let the bass take over!

We invite you to watch their incredible new video clip, which has been directed by OMNIMAR’s wonderful singer Maria Mar and which is a masterpiece of grotesque art!

The “Anger” EP is made of 7 tracks and includes 3 remixes of the main track made by OMNIMAR’s labelmates SYNTHATTACK and BOARS, such as a remix by PSYHOUND. You will find 3 unreleased bonus tracks on it too: a re-master version of their hit “Wrong Direction” (taken from their first album “Start”), an English version of the song “Hungry” (the original Russian version has been released on their last album “Poison”) such as an instrumental version of their successful song “Out of my life” (also on the last album “Poison”)

So whoever doesn’t want to miss the next chapter of the success-story of OMNIMAR, should definitely be ready for the new EP “Anger”! Turn the volume up listen now:

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