• The Autist: Coldest Sun
    The Autist: Coldest Sun

    Finest femal fronted symphonic metal from Portugal and Russia!

    New album "The Coldest Sun"

    Get it here:http://smarturl.it/ColdestSun

  • The Black Capes: All these Monsters
    The Black Capes: All these Monsters

    We're proud to announce the next big thing from Greece!

    Be ready for "All these Monsters" on June 9th 2017!

    Visit the Minisite

  • SMASH HIT COMBO - L33T (May 26th)
    SMASH HIT COMBO - L33T (May 26th)

    France’s finest nu metal band is back with a double album: 12 tracks in English (feat. None Like Joshua) and 12 tracks in French.

    Visit the Minisite

  • Dust in Mind: Oblivion (Out Now)
    Dust in Mind: Oblivion (Out Now)

    Dust in Mind are back with their brand new masterpiece "Oblivion"

    On Tour with PAIN soon!

    A whole world of grotesque images and stunning music awaits!

  • Omnimar - Poison (May 19th)
    Omnimar - Poison (May 19th)

    The new album of the female fronted dark wave sensation from Russia!

  • The Battle Of Metal Vol.4 (April 14th)
    The Battle Of Metal Vol.4 (April 14th)

    50 Bands, 4 hours metal Music, 1 Compilation!

  • BASSZILLA - Evil Nuns Crashed My Party! (May 5th)
    BASSZILLA - Evil Nuns Crashed My Party! (May 5th)

    The bass monster is back, let it be evil! Finest death rave music from France!

  • VERSUS - FREAKWAVES (April 7th)
    VERSUS - FREAKWAVES (April 7th)

    The first AHOI-POP album of the world!

  • Metallspürhunde - Giftbox (April 21st)
    Metallspürhunde - Giftbox (April 21st)

    The new album of Switzerland’s best darkwave/electro punk band is here!

  • Eisenwut - Die Herrschaft der Leere (April 21st)
    Eisenwut - Die Herrschaft der Leere (April 21st)

    Russian military industrial metal!

  • Davey Suicide - Made from Fire
    Davey Suicide - Made from Fire

    Industrial Rock, that seems to be wholly redefined, yet drawing a line from Marilyn Manson over In This Moment towards Deathstars and more!

    Preorder now:

Fourth Circle


All good things come in threes? Far from it! Welcome to the FOURTH CIRCLE, where epic Tunes encounter hard Riffs, and where the charming voice of Audrey Adornato is carrying the ears and hearts of their fans from the third to the fourth dimension.

The members of FOURTH CIRCLE from the French Hayange have, since their foundation in 2011, developed a musical style that always was bound to their strong influences of Symphonic Metal, yet breaking the bonds of the genre, by thinking outside of the box.

The glorious new album of FOURTH CIRCLE is named “Elements” and therefore is again taking account of the magical number “four”. Since where fire, water, air and earth interact a wholly new world of massive orchestral sound is about to emerge. But if you try to reduce the band from France to some numerological games you surely do wrong. It needs more than four qualities to confidently follow the footsteps of Bands like NIGHTWISH, WITHIN TEMPTATION, EPICA and more. Love and affinity towards symphonic Sounds, lifeblood, imaginativeness and much more has to be mentioned to handle such a task. And yet, the five musicians from France undeterredly follow that path, while they are firing a salvo of 13 powerful tracks consisting of guitar-riffs meeting skincrawling orchestral elements.

FOURTH CIRCLE are integrating themselves seamlessly into the force of nature of symphonic metal. So, who doesn’t miss to listen to “Elements”, will surely find more than four enrichments for his personal favourite-list.

You get the new album "Elements" as CD or download right now on:

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