• The Autist: Coldest Sun
    The Autist: Coldest Sun

    Finest femal fronted symphonic metal from Portugal and Russia!

    New album "The Coldest Sun"

    Get it here:http://smarturl.it/ColdestSun

  • The Black Capes: All these Monsters
    The Black Capes: All these Monsters

    We're proud to announce the next big thing from Greece!

    Be ready for "All these Monsters" on June 9th 2017!

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  • SMASH HIT COMBO - L33T (May 26th)
    SMASH HIT COMBO - L33T (May 26th)

    France’s finest nu metal band is back with a double album: 12 tracks in English (feat. None Like Joshua) and 12 tracks in French.

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  • Dust in Mind: Oblivion (Out Now)
    Dust in Mind: Oblivion (Out Now)

    Dust in Mind are back with their brand new masterpiece "Oblivion"

    On Tour with PAIN soon!

    A whole world of grotesque images and stunning music awaits!

  • Omnimar - Poison (May 19th)
    Omnimar - Poison (May 19th)

    The new album of the female fronted dark wave sensation from Russia!

  • The Battle Of Metal Vol.4 (April 14th)
    The Battle Of Metal Vol.4 (April 14th)

    50 Bands, 4 hours metal Music, 1 Compilation!

  • BASSZILLA - Evil Nuns Crashed My Party! (May 5th)
    BASSZILLA - Evil Nuns Crashed My Party! (May 5th)

    The bass monster is back, let it be evil! Finest death rave music from France!

  • VERSUS - FREAKWAVES (April 7th)
    VERSUS - FREAKWAVES (April 7th)

    The first AHOI-POP album of the world!

  • Metallspürhunde - Giftbox (April 21st)
    Metallspürhunde - Giftbox (April 21st)

    The new album of Switzerland’s best darkwave/electro punk band is here!

  • Eisenwut - Die Herrschaft der Leere (April 21st)
    Eisenwut - Die Herrschaft der Leere (April 21st)

    Russian military industrial metal!

  • Davey Suicide - Made from Fire
    Davey Suicide - Made from Fire

    Industrial Rock, that seems to be wholly redefined, yet drawing a line from Marilyn Manson over In This Moment towards Deathstars and more!

    Preorder now:

VENUES - The Epilogue

We are very proud to present you the new single "The Epilogue" of our female fronted post hardcore band from Stuttgart (Germany VENUES)!

Get it now: 

SHIV-R - Cheshire Grin

SHIV-R - "Cheshire Grin"

The 25th of August 2017 will see the release of SHIV-R's newest single, "Cheshire Grin", from their 4th full-length album "Requiem for the Hyperreal". Otherwordly sound design billows against hard-hitting industrial structures underneath Pete Crane's raspy vocal hooks in the darkly maddening title song. Inspired by the laudanum-fuelled and reality-fluid Alice in Wonderland, the single also features remixes by Grammy Award Winner CHRIS VRENNA (Nine Inch Nails/Marilyn Manson and composer of the score of American McGeeís Alice videogame), LEAETHER STRIP and AMBASSADOR 21, and artwork created by the equally fantastical and renowned Natalie Shau.

Preorder it now: 


Gothic Music Orgy, Vol.4

Are you a gothic music Artist? All genres are welcome: dark wave, industrial, EBM, gothic rock, dark electro or neue deutsch Härte... We're looking for the sickest bands for the 4th volume of our darkTunes digital compilation "Gothic Music Orgy".


Do you want to join the orgy? Just send your best track to

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Deadline: August 6th 2017 (midnight)


We will pick the best 50 tracks and release them on our „Gothic Music Orgy Vol.4“ compilation. The compilation will be digitally distributed world wide. Due to a massive marketing campaign thousands of gothic music fans will listen to your music.

We can't wait to listen to your songs!


PS1: the best part, it won't cost you anything!

 PS2: This was Gothic Music Orgy Vol.3





We are very pleased and proud to say hellcome in the darkTunes family to the "hard-hitting and elegant industrial" band SHIV-R !!!

The new SHIV-R album “Requiem for the Hyperreal” and single “Cheshire Grin” will be carried by darkTunes Music Group for Europe and by Blind Mice Productions (the own label of SHIV-R's masterminds Pete Crane and Ben Lee Bulig) for the rest of the world. 

More infos about these very promising releases soon... 


THE AUTIST - The Coldest Sun

The new single and lyrics video of THE AUTIST are out now! We're proud to present you "The Great Lioness".

This song features 2 "grandes dames" from the female fronted metal scenes, Audrey Berset from NOEIN, EMMA-O, FAKE MESSIAH) & Sara Henriques from AURA'S SEERS 

Turn the volume up and enjoy!

PS: Get their new album as download or streaming:


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